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New Frames

That blissful feeling of having the time to blog. <3

My Rayban frames for my eyeglasses bid goodbye last week during our defense. I had to go to my optometrist to get another frames which cost me bucks of money. Gosh! I don't have money anymore. T____T

Bye frames. :'(

Astigmatism is up to grade 50 from 25. T___T But the optometrist said that I don't have to change lens coz it did not actually have any differences when I tried the grade 50 lens. Gosh, can anyone please tell me how to lower this grade? I want my eyes free from eyeglasses. T__T

The new frames are a lot smaller than the old one. I really don't know if it fits me well just like the old one does.

But anyway, I am just happy that I was able to grab the frames. At least, I didn't have to change everything. Like it would cost me gazillion bucks.

So, how do I look with my new frames? 

1 comment:

  1. Isn't tiring for your nose bridge? Every time I try to put on some sunglasses, I can't help but remove it the second right after. My sister has a high grade too and she was told to undergo laser thingy for the eyes instead of using glasses. But the costs is too high, hihi!

    Your new frame looks good on you, though I don't know where I can compare it with based on the old frame that you had. Still, it looks good on you.. very pretty Kai (;


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