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Get That Summer Feeling

For most of us in the tropical side of the world, summer is almost here. Are you ready for the streak of the heat of the sun? Well, I am almost always ready with my hijab. How about those who are non-Hijabis?

Let's all get ready for summer. Get your floppy beach hats ready for the beach.

summery feeling

 I came from a tropical island in the sunny Philippines. It's natural for me to love the beach. But being under the sun have so much effect on us. That's why we need to be equipped with the right things. What are the things to keep in mind whenever planning to hit the beach?

  1. Sunblock - you would not want your skin to get dry and flakey. Worst, you don't want the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun to hit directly your skin.
  2. Sunglasses - similarly, looking at bright sunlight might affect your eyesight. Get that Rayban ready for the beach, as always.
  3. Hats - whatever the design of your hat, you should be able to strut it right. Girls always loved the floppy beach hats whenever under the heat of the sun in the beach. It's trendy, pretty and keeps you away from the sun.
  4. Camera - of course, you would want to keep the memories. Go ahead and take a snapshot of every bit of it.
Enjoy the beach, lovelies! :)

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