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Looking Back and Moving Forward

Five years - it all seemed like it was just yesterday when it was June 10, 2008. I was so excited then. 

Though first day wasn't really the first day of school that was in my head. It was my birthday. And my first class was Accounting 111. Upon entering the halls of CBAA, I noticed that I was running late. Then, I bulged into our room and got stared to death by new college students like me. 

Someone from my highschool said that I have to hand over my Certificate of Registration to the professor on the first day of school. So I did. Apparently, our teacher was still at her peak of arranging the class seating arrangement, and I ended up being scolded in a language I cannot even understand. I never really understood full Bisaya until second semester in sophomore. 

Now, five years have lapsed. I didn't imagine it to be so quick and hurdling. Accountancy was not my first choice as a field to enter. I guess, I've mentioned that a thousand times already. But as a Tausug, I feel that I should finish what I have already started. So I did.

Up until this day, I cannot imagine that I've hurdled all the hard work for that specific principle. I am not regretting though. I am just happy that I did not switch courses. Coz if I did, I would not have met some awesome people in my life now.

I have learned a lot in college. Really. From mere jokes to serious lessons of life. I learned that, often, your hard work will not get you anywhere. Rather, your PR will. I learned that there really is a discrimination against the average student over the blatantly studious ones. Lol. Sometimes, teachers will not get you just because you don't participate or you are not vocal about it. So, you really have to tell what you can do and make it work. 

The most important thing I learned in college? To control my temper and emotions. If you let them rule you, you're over. I will forever treasure this learning. 

It is in college that I get to mingle with people from different walks of life as well. I met some of the precious friends that I am thankful of having - Sol, Kylie, Menchie, Gay, Zarah, LT, Anine, Aleen, TingTing, Aiko, Huey, Janina, Mico, Abby, Rohaira, my IBS family, other VIDAS and many more.

I've shared so many beautiful memories with them. They have become both my source of inspiration and laughter. It is amazing how I am here only for my education, yet I manage to steal a friendship with them. 

Another chapter of my book of life may be closing real soon, but one thing is sure, all the friends I made will always have a special spot in my heart. It's time to move forward to another chapter. I hope and pray that it's a better chapter with the best ending (aside from getting married and having a child, of course, coz that's the best one).

I am not really vocal about this, but to my friends, thank you so much. I will see most of you in the review school, so I won't be sad. But, to those I would hardly be seeing (T__T), I will really really really miss you. Please always keep in touch with me.

To my readers, I am so sorry. This was not meant to be a touchy and emotional post, I just lost my control. I think I still have to work on my learnings. ;)


  1. Awww kaiyah! Love you more! And yes, we'll still see each other in review school so gorabells! :* Hahah! Magkatawa jud ko mg.hunahuna ka nga wa ka kasabot. HAHAHAH!

  2. Aww sweetie. :) I can't see a problem with being emotional over such nostalgic events in life. It just shows your maturity, your appreciation for past experiences and the true, heartfelt friendships you developed in these years. That's all GOOD! ^-^

    Wish you a bright future, my sweet sister! ♥ *hug*

    ~ Luana

  3. *hugs* we still have a trip to pursue remember? :P

  4. Wishing you all the goodluck in the future sis! <3 I really loved reading this post. :)
    With all your hardwork from the first year, see where it put you. You're now another step in life. :D

  5. Keep being strong! It's normal to feel this way when something ends and you have to move on to other parts of life, saying goodbye to close and good friends.

  6. I knew the girl in the first picture in your background. SARONA!


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