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Give Us A Break

After hell week, what do you expect us to do? Food trip and movie marathon!!! ^__^ My friends went over to our apartment to chill together whilst watching movies/concerts. We also made brownies ala TingTing. lol!

I still am not sure with the graduation and all. But I am just too happy for this semester to almost come to an end. It has been a roller coaster ride. Really. I don't even know how my grades would look like after all of this.

Though it may seemingly be the worst semester of my college life, it is not until now that I've known people for who they really are. And I am glad that I have a bunch of friends who are true. I am happy that there is no need to be fake in front of them.

I am officially back to the blogging world. However, I will be gone again when review school starts. Let's just enjoy summer. ^__^

PS: I am currently sick! :( Pray for me. Ty.

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