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Defense and Other Irrelevant Things

In a span of less than 3 months, I've become this thin already. I mean, where did all my cheek fats go? Didn't they love my cheeks so much? Why'd they have to leave?!

Anyway, we had our defense for our research paper last Wednesday. Last week was THE hell week because of the scheduled daily exams plus defense.

You can really tell that I and my classmates are going through rough times. We all seem to lose weight. And our eyebags are so big and baggy. T___T

Srsly, after all of these, I will make sure that I get 8 hours of sleep, right amount of food and will never ever stress over trivial things.

I mean, I've had enough stressful memories already. It's time to be beautiful and fresh! 

Back to defense...

Above is what I wore to the defense. We had to wear something green. So, I wore my over-used teal vest. Paired with orange/tangerine top and black slacks.

Actually, I wanted to wear something red, but they said, we must go green coz our research is about the environment. lol

Game Face: ON!

Endlessly waiting for our spotlight.
The worst thing to have on a defense day is brownout. And yes, we were unlucky enough to experience such during our time for defense. Because we are all so eager to defend, we did it without a projector. The panelists had to resort to looking at a laptop while we explain.

Gladly, everything went well. Our sleepless three weeks spent for the research paper was worth it. We never expected our research paper to be so awesome! ^____^

We may have changed topics thrice, but we were able to make it to deadline. Dang! We are good at rushing and ending up with great output. hahaha.

Great job team! Hurrah!


  1. Kai, I feel for you! My cheeks are getting thinner every waking day and I need to restore it somehow. Congrats for the awesome defense despite the loss of electricity! I haven't tried that because my school has generator or even so, it just didn't happen at all (back when I was in college). I thought I'm not the only one who believes in the superstition that a group should wear the same color of clothes to shower luck! (;

    Get the decent rest that you deserve and treat yourself sometime to ease the stress sis <3

  2. Aww sis, be careful with your health! And even your classmates. Periods of tough studying are painful to deal with, but don't forget your SMILE. ;-) *hug*

    How did the exams + defense go?

    Uhm, do I see A LOT of cyan, black and blue colors in those photos? ^-^

    sis Luana

  3. How's the defense and exam sis? For sure okay result,. :)

  4. sana ganyan din kabilis pag payat ko -_- in 3 months! hahaha! anyway, like i said in your IG photo, i am soooo starting to love seeing girls wearing hijab. very mysterious looking and nakakataas ng respect sa paningin ko :)

  5. This reminded me of when we had to defend our theses before graduating college/university (only a few US colleges have this). But of course, it went well for you.


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