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Airbrush Makeup

I've had my fair share of airbrush makeup during our photoshoot for the graduation photo.

At first, I just don't get the idea behind cosmetic airbrush makeup. I mean, how do makeup artists do that? Then, our makeup artist, Alain did all the magic. We were just sitting there waiting to be beautified.

What I like about airbrush system is that it covers all the impurities in your face. It really covers up my biggest face problems: big pores, black and white heads. It was indeed magic. My face even have the best skin tone it could ever have. 

When you look at our photo above, you won't even say that I have dark circles. I mean, airbrush does this magic that the conventional makeup does.

Airbrush system works best for putting on foundation. It reaches every part of your skin. It covers those big pores. It manages to even out skin tone perfectly unlike the usual brush that we use. 

After the airbrush system did my foundation, I cannot even personally see the pores. IT WAS A REMARKABLE FEELING.

I can go on forever talking about my love for airbrush system that some of you might not understand. However, if you are keen on details and have something coming up, you might want to consider makeup artists who use airbrush system, or you might wanna consider purchasing one. ^^

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