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Hi guys.

First, I want to wish sis Cei a very very happy seventeenth birthday. :) She has become such a good friend in the internet world. I remember, I got this domain from her. That was so nice of her.

Anyway, what's been up guys? As for me, I have to spend lotsa bucks for my Accounting, Finance, and Law books. Talk about major torture. o_O I've been a lot busy with school nowadays. Tomorrow's yet another orientation for the freshmen. I will go because the food that will be served is good, I guess. :grin: Fail! haha.

I also made this private blog to keep all of my secrets. If anyone in the school can find it, I will be busted. Haha. It's just that I put everything about my life in there. Nothing in my life is excused. I do hope that noone finds out. Plus, I have another blog for all the muslimahs out there, it is It still under construction but I hope it does great.

Before I end this little update, I want to wish every daddy a very happy father's day. I don't have a dad to greet anymore but I have lots of second and third dads to do so. I wish them happiness and good health. I love my dad so much and I miss him. To those who still have their dads on their sides, treasure them because it is hard to lose a father.


  1. Wow, sis cei is vey nice. :) I want to make my blog private too. Because I know most people from school reads it.
    Happy father's day to your dad. :)

  2. What course are you taking up sis? You have so many books to buy, but if you want to save money search for ebooks :D dats wat I do..

    Take care <3

  3. Anu po bang course ung ni take mo?? good luck nalang po...

    btw! have a new post here hope you visit...


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