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Pints of Memories

I was reading my private blog today. It is kinda crazy to think that those were the emotions I felt way back. I mean, was that even me writing that posts? I guess, this is why I have always wanted to write things that none would look at except me. Obviously, that is, to lessen the gossip around. I kinda find it really helpful with understanding my real self. I am so happy I made that blog.

Anyway, we were informed yesterday about the sad news in our school. Somebody committed suicide actually. And there were TWO of them. They were from the College of Engineering. The news saddened me so much knowing that we came from the same school. The possible reason why one of them committed such was because his girlfriend broke up with him. Awww. People are posting Too Much Love Will Kill you videos on his facebook.

The last words he posted on his profile was: Life is meaningless. There's no point of living. So, I'll be gone. It does not really goes that way but the thought is there. He is only 17. Wherever he is now, all I can say is: RIP, I hope he is in a better place.


It really felt gloomy when I visited to check out his FB account.


  1. Kawawa naman yung guy :( yung sister ng friend ko nag suicide din bf nya nung nakipagbreak sakanya .
    Love can be shitty at times :(

  2. @iyahn, uo sis. Nkakalungkot tlga ung nangyare. :(
    he was so young pa eh.

  3. Thanks (: I'm so proud of myself, ahha.

    And yeah, things happen like this all the time with us but he's never been this bad. He wants to sit and talk on Saturday so I guess that was the least I could do.

  4. I can totally relate...when i read my old post i cringe of my stupidity and my naivety and even reading my old diaries makes me laugh and how i cannot believe sometimes how i was feeling back then but it helps and it makes you look back of the things you did and makes you realize how much you've grown over the years.

    but anyway sorry to hear about what happen to your classmate, that's just so sad. RIP to them. :(

  5. WHAT?! You've never played Mario Kart? Dang, girl, you're missing out. Oh, and just to tell you, its kind of hard to read your text on this page.

    Two kids at your school? Awh, I'm sorry...for everyone who knew him, and for him to feel that way, that's awfully depressing, the poor kid. Things like that just aren't worth it - you never know when things are going to start to look up, there is other ways out! :(

  6. maybe he had a lot of things going on in his head lang talaga, and to think, he is so young... :(

  7. Goddamn, that's heart wrenching. It's even worse knowing why he did it. Poor guy must have been so deeply in love. It sounds terrible though, that he went down that path. Some people just have really strong emotions. I feel sad for this guy.

    I had a close friend who attempted suicide, but things at home were pretty hard for her and she had a disorder. It's sad when someone takes their own life... it really is.

    RE: I'm sorry about your dad. :( *hugs*

    I guess life is like a thrill when we go on like that, with challenges and everything. I guess it's just daily life that makes it seem so full of it.

    Thanks, I don't think my mum will change her mind because she snapped at me again today.. who knows.

  8. Wow, he's only 17! That's kinda silly of him because he still had a whole life ahead of him. He would have met a better girl that is more suitable for him. sometimes it is scary when people end their life over someone. At the time it does seem like its pointless and the pain is unbearable but time will heal and there will be a silver lining. Wish he saw that and didn't end his life.

    He must have been really in love with that girl. Feel sad for him. A broken heart is one of the worst pain in the world.

  9. I dont understand why people have to commit suicide.. problems should make us stronger and yeah it hurts but thats part of life.. you love and you get hurt.. :-( RIP for him though..

  10. Actually, nakakarelate din ako sa guy na yun. I also have those thoughts like his. Well, I also is deeply in love, but the thing is, I was rejected. (or busted... whatever term is that!) That really made my world go crazy! Even bitter too... I also had the thought of ending my life too, but with God's help, He made something to make me stop that. I hope that guy may rest in peace. T_T

  11. I know what you mean! I was looking at my old blg posts from just a couple of months ago. Holy shizzle sticks was I inlove.

    And aweh that's horrible. =[ RIP. I know how he felt. After my recent break up, I too had suicidal thoughts. As if I couldn't live without him. As if life wasn't worth it anymore if we weren't together. But I know now, it's not the case.

  12. nakakaawa naman.. :(
    talagang grabe magmahal... :(

    ako din sis, may private blog.. :D
    minsan natatawa nalang ako pag binabasa ko. haha

  13. how come it seems like everyone's dying? i mean sa school din namin may namatay... nasaksak ang the reason is because of a love triangle DAW. oh di ba... i mean the reason is too shallow for lives to be gone. :(

  14. Felt Gloomy. :-S

    I think its epidemic bec. I heard a lot of news about boys committing suicide bec. of their girlfriend.


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