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Change of Taste

I've been listening to too much Hiphop and RNB nowadays. Tonight, I opened all the Music folders in my laptop and found some really cool songs I had. They were the songs I used to listen two to three years back.  It was just now that I realised how I missed listening to these kinds of songs.

You know, the ones like the songs of Fallout Boy, Never Shout Never, Greenday, Incubus, Maroon 5, Matchbox 20, Nickelback, Peterpan (Indonesian band), Simple Plan, Azure, Dashboard Confessional, Mcfly, Yellowcard, The Calling, The Veronicas and many more. I was such a loud person, a rocker perhaps. I remember someone calling me silent rocker. Haha! Fits right.

Oh man! Talk about major brushing up of memories while I was listening to the songs. They hit right in the hypothalamus of my brain. It's amazing how much my taste in music changed so much without even noticing it. Well, not until now. :) It might be because of the influence of the people around me that made me change. I am glad somehow that I was able to dig up my playlist and remembered what I was like back then.

After this, I will go back to my boyband days. Ikr! I still know the lyrics to the songs of BSB, Westlife, A1, LFO, Nsync, Blue, and many many more. Oh man! Age of music really is different from the other. It's just like the age of Rennaisance, Enlightment, and others. Haha. Talk about history huh. Somehow, I prefer the 90s and early y2k songs rather than the new ones especially those created by computer wizards only. I prefer the use of the actual instruments.

PS: I need some LINK EXCHANGES, you may comment if you want. :) Thanks.

Any how, can you spot the difference? I did a little tweaking on my layie coz I was bored. I want to create an all new layie but sadly, I am so lazy to make one. Bahah!


  1. wow! i also had this kind of reminiscing too! :) yep, you're right, our tastes of music changed overtime because of the influence of the people around us.. :D yeah, i used to hear pop music like that of britney spears and westlife, but now, i hear rnb and hiphop.. :) but i also hear a little of pop now.. :D
    .-= Nice´s last blog ..Every little thing you do... =-.

  2. wow! hahah:D my friends sometimes calls me "silent rocker" too :P kekeke~ just a lil bit..oh, yeah i notice ur changing something on ur layout ^O^ but dunno what...the color scheme yeah? u dun change ur header yeah? ^__^

  3. same here, it happened to me yesterday, right now im listening to westlife, some old songs of christina aguilera and mariah carey.

    yeah, music today is somewhat different from yesterdays music. but still cool XD

  4. i am interested to have a link exchanges with you sis ;)

  5. I'm even worse. I change my favorite music almost every week. HAHA.

  6. i can relate with these things. before, like when i was just 12, i used to listen to Saosin, Alesana and paramore but now i prefer B.O.B and Akon. hahaha, a major switch!

  7. Hi Ayah! I'm Shekinah. :)

    I already linked your site on my page. Link back? Thanks! x

    I agree with Nice "our tastes of music changed overtime because of the influence of the people around us". So true!


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