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I was inspired to do a theme by sis Rhea. She has been changing a lot of themes already since this month. I guess, changing mine wouldn't hurt so much. As usual, I am using Tamara's base codes. I am happy that I was able to transform it wholly though. :) Everything is pink now and I liked it.

I do not know where I got the thought of making the header. :D I kinda saw a minor typo error right in the header. I think it's okay though. :) I am now lazy to edit again. See the year? I typed it down as yesr. :D

Anyway, today I was really productive. Why? I was able to review all of my lessons and make all of my assignments. I am so great. :P Let me not mention the fact that I was able to change my theme after a hundred years.

Did you see the saying/quotation I put above? "Way mahunit bang sadja pagtuyuan." It is actually written in my dialect, Sinug or Tausug. It means, There is no such thing as difficulty if we only do our best. It is my favorite line since highschool. It is what kept me going all these years. :) Just sharing.

What do you think of my theme? Is it okay? :D


  1. lovin the new theme!!! very cute :) I can't read the bold text though. Is it color gray? but anyway, still cute =)

  2. bwahahahaha... na influence pala kita sis.. *blush* nakuu... tama ka..i've been changing a lot themes lately.. adeek na adeek noh? bwahahahhahha.. :)) love the theme sis! it's wonderful indeed! :D

  3. it's cute! :) very girly..
    thank you for sharing the quote in your dialect. that's something to be considered. learning other dialects.
    My dialect is waray-waray (dialect for people who are living in the eastern part of visayas.) I have a different meaning on the words mahunit and pagtuyuan. ^^

  4. the theme came out nice naman. buti ka pa you have time to tweak themes. :) lol. nicely done!

  5. I'm not really a fanatic of pink and all I can say to your theme is simple and PINK. XD I think Pink and white is a good combination though. :) Its good to be productive. REALLY. Than being a procrastinator.

  6. Cute layout sis :D where did you made this?

    Take care <3


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