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Pool Party

The pool party was a blast. It rained hard and we loved dancing in the rain. We called it Third Year Day. The food was overflowing as expected so everyone got the chance to bring some home. As you can see, we did boodle fight. It was hella great. I mean, eating with hands on a banana leaf is really good. That does not fit right with the pool though. haha. I wish we did it in a beach.

What I got for myself? Well, just minor wounds on my fingers. :grr: This is why I hate pools so much. I always get a scratch but hell, I would not care if my friends are my companions.

I'm glad our birthday collaboration went well. I so love my batchmates for making it an exceptional birthday for me to remember. At least, we get to enjoy before the classes become regular. As for now, it's time to get serious with studies. :)

I've been addicted to David Choi this days. Here's something for all of you:

Have you ever collaborated with somebody for a birthday celebration? How did it go?


  1. Thank you (: Glad your party went great (:

  2. collaborated? havnt tried that yet. sure it would be fun. my boyfriend tried that banana leaf eating rin, he said it was messy daw ahahah mga lalake kase.

  3. wow! what a big, big feast!! :D hope your minor wounds on your fingers would heal! :)

    it's good that you had fun! :D

  4. i always wanna try that!!! i mean, eating with hands, on a banana leaf. lol. parang ang fun kasi. :) glad everything worked out well and you had fun! :D

  5. so much. when i saw the pic. i was like. OMG. i'm glad you're dupper happy. :3

  6. oh food! hehee i'm glad to hear you had fun with the pool party and it looks so much fun...sarap kumain ng nakakamay. :D...i hope the wounds on your fingers will heal sooner tho. :D

    Have you ever collaborated with somebody for a birthday celebration? How did it go? I haven't but it sounds exciting hehe. Would love to try.

  7. Yummy! Wanna eat too :) lol.

  8. I dont celebrate my brithdays too much

    Glad you had fun

    Boy oh boy does it somnd very fun and unique.

    Maybe ill try something untraditional for my 18th birthday or something who knows?

  9. God! you are just starting the classes? that sucks!

    I was not that gorgeous... :-??

  10. Is the photo of the boodle fight? I've never seen anything like it, but it looks delicious! Although you're right, it does seem like it would be more fitting at the beach. I love the beach :D

    How do you get cuts on your fingers from a pool? :/

    I've never had a birthday party with anyone else. My mom always liked to host a big party for me though :) Those were always so much fun! I'm glad your party went well and happy belated birthday :D

  11. WOW that seems super duper fun! As for me, I celebrated once with two friends who had the exact same birthday as me :O It was really fun sharing our celebration because normally we would have had separate celebrations.

  12. That is really strange. I thought stress balls were pretty common. They can come in a lot of cute designs. :) I have an iPhone and I'd rather not throw it against the wall! :P

    Sounds like you had a great pool party. :) I wouldn't have liked the rain though. It sort of ruins a pool party. Maybe next time you can go to the beach and it won't be so rainy.

    I hope your fingers heal quickly!

    I haven't ever collaborated with someone for a party. Things tend to go awry and we don't usualt agree. I'd rather be the one to decide on my own to avoid conflict.

  13. Glad you had fun in your pool party. :) Your birthday would surely be memorable.

    You got scratched in the pool? How is that possible? I rarely get wounds in the pool, unless I rub my skin against the hard floor. :|


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