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Getting the Perfect Prom Look

Prom is the night of glam and being beautiful and handsome. However, it has always been dreadful to most of the high school students. Looking their best had always pose difficult problems to juniors and seniors. For all of us, prom only comes twice in our lives. One in our junior year, the other one in our senior year. So, there is only one time to revive the moment if you did not make the first one great.

Which dress? What look? What to do? Those are only some of the many questions that prom-goers face. I had that problem years back. Oh am I glad that was over. But anyway, these tips are for those who are going to prom this year and the next.

Choosing The Dress

Your dress would either make you look good or otherwise. So, you have to choose the dress wisely. There are tons of online shops such as that offers affordable yet beautiful dresses. So, you should always be ready to hunt down that dress of the year.

The first one is still my favorite. You might have seen it already in my other post here in my blog. It looks simple yet so lovely and charming. The second one looks gorgeous and gives you the princess-y look.

For those who wants modest dresses, you have to have a vest or something to cover the arms and neck. Of course, the first cocktail dress needs to be long, making it a gown. :) Nonetheless, the dresses should also complement your skin tone.

The Hair Style / The Hijab Style

For non-hijabis or those who does not wear the headscarf, getting the perfect hairstyle is a must. You should keep in mind that you have to be classy and sophisticated for that night.

Choosing the right headscarf for Muslims is also vital. It must go with the dress you are wearing. Of course, you have to be keen in the choice of material for your hijab or else you would not be comfortable.


Under etcetera are the shoes, purse, and makeup. These three matters a lot. But you can go for neutral colors. That way, you don't have to bother about choosing what color matches with what color.

I have one motto in choosing which matches which. It is:

If all fails, go neutral.

Try to apply it. It never fails me. :)

Now you are ready for prom. Don't forget to bring that smile with you. Prom is about getting to know people. Learn to acquaint yourselves as much as possible. And oh, don't do things that you will regret later in prom. Don't make it a day that you will loathe forever.


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