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5 Reasons to Choose Organic Bath and Beauty Products

There is a growing trend among lovers of beauty products to use more formulations containing organic ingredients. This is a positive development that reflects a renewed appreciation for environmentally friendly choices. The appeal of organic bath and skin care products is understandable considering they are made with pure flower, herb, fruit and plant extracts and oils. Organic products are a welcome change from traditional commercial offerings containing synthetic ingredients. There are several good reasons to try beauty products produced organically. 

Eco-Friendly Ingredients

In the days before personal care products became mass-produced, they were often made locally using fresh and natural ingredients. The modern organic movement is simply going back to the way things used to be. Products that are marketed as organic contain a mixture of cultivated ingredients that come from nature's bounty. 

Those that make these products often have higher standards of quality than their artificially produced counterparts. It is truly a labor of love to produce organic beauty products because a lot of the process is done by hand. Organic product producers also follow eco-friendly practices during the entire production phase.

Safe to Use

A major reason for using organic over standard beauty care products is that they tend to be safer. Too many brands claim to have natural ingredients, but also include chemical additives. Sometimes these chemicals cause allergic reactions. Chemicals may also cause skin and hair to become dry or break out. Organic beauty products, on the other hand, are more on the mild side. You can read the ingredients list and recognize the names of plants and other extracts. Organic is safe and natural.

Wonderful Scents

A side benefit of using organic beauty and bath products is that they have the most wonderful smell in the whole world. The natural scents of coconut, vanilla, pineapple and other ingredients lifts your spirits.

No Animal Testing

Organic product makers shy away from animal testing. These products contain familiar ingredients so they are going to be safe for most people. That's a relief to animal lovers.


Some beauty and personal care products sold commercially come with a steep price tag. However, you can find plenty of great organically made choices that are very affordable for the average budget. Feel and look good for less.

Once you make the switch to organic bath and beauty products you'll want to keep using them forever. They make you look and feel so wonderful.

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