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Count Your Blessings... Every Part of It

I have been practicing this since last two weeks. It is kind of hard to really think about your blessings when you are afflicted with problems. But, I am really trying hard to not think about my problems, instead I think of all the good things that are happening to me.

Allaah is giving my every cell a chance to live. HE is giving me air to breathe. HE is sustaining me with food. HE has given me so many good souls who help me whenever I feel down. I can see. I can hear. All my senses are active. HE has gifted me so much.

I am switching from being a pessimist to being an extra optimistic girl. :) I hope Allaah makes it easy for me and for you to accept anything he gives to us. Because HE does not give us anything that is bad for us. Anything from Allaah is for our own good.

In sha Allaah. Ameen.

Please pray for me. Include me in your dua.

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