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Gaining Weight and Some Random Rants

Weight Issue

For most girls, weight is everything. I mean, it does look bad to be so skinny. But getting bigger is another issue. When you get fat (I'm sorry, I have to say the word.), it is rather hard to loose the weight already.

So, I made sure that I won't gain so much weight. Then...

College was so good to me. It did not change my weight at all. I am 45.5 kg since highschool. I graduated college with the same digits. I passed the board exam with the same weight.

Come the age of unemployment.

I gain 3 freaking kgs in just a matter of months!!! I am not over-reacting. It's just that I never EVER got used to gaining weight that fast in months only. I've tried it for years!

They say that 45.5 kg is not a good weight for my height. I am 5'3". My BMI says I am too skinny? Maybe gaining a little would suffice to call me normal? Accordingly, for a healthy and normal BMI, I need to be at least 47.7 kg which I surpassed already. haha. I have to make sure that I don't go beyond 61kg, or else I'd be overweight.

But still. I can't get over the fact that I have been under-worked these past few months. I really really have to get a job already. (I do, but I need plane tickets to go back home. T__T) I am so doomed.

Camera Issue

My Olympus EPM-1 has been with me since May 2012. It is almost giving me 2 years of service. However, just recently, its M.Zuiko lens had given up on me.

It used to just tell me to "Please check the status of the lens." Until it reached the point that it just doesn't work anymore.

I was really devastated by the fact that I do not have any camera to use anymore. I did not bring my almost 6-year old Sony Cybershot. So, I rely only on my crappy phone camera. Sad!

Anyway, I brought it to the technician yesterday. He said that its the flex that isn't working. He also mentioned that it is due to the locking of the camera lens always.

So to all Micro 4/3rd users, do not lock the lens! Let it be. Or else, you'll experience the same too!

I will get my lens fixed soon. I hope the technician can have it fixed.

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