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ClassicCrownHijabPh: Hijab Review

Classic Crown Hijab Store PH (@classiccrownhijabstore in instagram) sent me a hijab and inner ninja for me to try on and give my verdict. First of all, CCHSph is an online store in the Philippines that caters to the needs of Filipina hijabis. The store is handled and owned by my good friends, ate Margie and Jamila. They are reverts, alhamdulillaah. 

Moving on, here are the lovely stuffs they sent to me. I am so sorry for the photos. The color seem to differ from the actual color. #sorry #mybad

Mint green hijab

Maroon inner hijab
Material: 5/5
I just love the material esp the inner ninja. I have two other ninjas but I love the material of this more. The mint green hijab is probably made of spandex. I am really not good with cloths but I think it is what it is. 

Quality: 4.5/5
The stitches, the folds, everything is great. The zipper in the inner ninja is good too. The ninja is really long too. It gives you great coverage for the neck and chest. Ma sha Allaah.

My Final Verdict: 4.75/5
I love everything. Really. It's just that I wished that the hijab is not interconnected. I am limited only to few hijab styles for this one. However, it's great. REALLY! :)



Go ahead and try Classic Crown Hijab Store items. 
Be modest and fabulous all at the same time. ;)

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  1. I like the mint green better. Cool in the eyes especially on this humidity. It's getting really hot this summer


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