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2013: Chase Your Dreams

Can you imagine? This is my 4th year-ender post. This year was a roller coaster ride, I tell you. But, everything is worth the steadfastness and hardwork. Btw, You can read my previous year-ender posts in the links below:
This year is a mixture of glee, sorrow, hardwork, perseverance, patience and all that. But, it is a year of knowledge, and experience. So, it must be good.

Actually, I have been one of those busy bees this year. So, there is less blogposts on this blog than few years back. Anyhow, let's take a peak on how my 2013 went. 


  • Welcomed the year with a pictorial for graduation. - Post


  • Attended my last Annual Regional Convention of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants at Butuan City - 1  2
  • It's The Love Month Giveaway (my blog turned 3 years old) - Post


  • Research defense - Post
  • School is done! Finally!!! Give us a break. - Post
  • New frames for my glasses - Post
  • Graduation photo for the batch year-book. - Post
  • My college days is over. Eeerp! - Post


  • Graduated BS Accountancy. Finally. - Post
  • Attended Alay Sa Graduates Night. - Post
  • Left Iligan City. T____T And spent two days in four cities. - Post
  • Moved into the dormitory for my review school. - Post
  • Summer Giveaway collab with fellow bloggers. - Post


  • Movie date with cousins after hundred years. - Post
  • I finally met my online kachika and good friend, Melle. - Post
  • The best summer of my life!!! - Post


  • Started review school.
  • Met the Muslim reviewees in CPAR. Gained so many new friends. 
  • Spent my and Sol's birthday with friends.
  • Learned so many things about Islam while I also study accounting. Mashaa Allaah. 
  • Been busy with studying and stuffs. - Post


  • First Pre-board examination. Ended at Top 76 in CPAR's almost 5000 population.


  • Attended Shaykh Ahsan Hanif's seminar by Al-maghrib Institute and met the lovely Sittie Norhanie Lao - Post
  • Spent my very first Eid in Manila together with friends. - Post
  • Saw Mario Maurer and Baifern. Lol

  • Second/Final Pre-board examination. Ended at Top 93. T____T
  • Became a Finalist to Best Fashion Blog in Mindanao Blog Awards.


  • Oct. 21, 2013  marks the day that I became officially a Certified Public Accountant!!! *banana dance* - Post
  • Officially a student of Islamic Studies too! :) - Post
  • Stayed at Maharlika, Taguig City, be with fellow Muslims and was able to pray at Blue Masjid. :) - Post


  • Taken my oath together with my Vidas. Super kilig to see Sir German again. - Post


  • Was able to be with my bestfriend again after a year. - Post
  • Good bye busy Metro Manila, hello my love Mindanao. - Post
  • Went to Jolo, Sulu.
  • The Grand Kickoff Giveaway collab with lovely bloggers. STILL ON-GOING!!! - Post
  • Saw my friends again. ^^

Basically, that's my 2013 according to my vague memory and my blog. Ah! It was indeed one of a kind. I thank the Almighty for sustaining my life this year and for continually blessing me, my family and friends. 

I have forgiven and fogotten those who had made me sickened this year. And I have yet to thank all those who made my year so happy and full of blessings. These are the people whom I owe my title, my everyday needs, my knowledge and my life. 

In shaa Allaah, as days go by, we will ponder that we are more and more getting closer to death. As each passing day should be cherished and made sure that we have contributed good things to our book of deeds.

So, we bid farewell to 2013. ^^


  1. happy new year sis! :D we've gone through so much this year, chasing our dreams and all. sobrang busy pero alam natin we've grown as better individuals. :D wishing that 2014 would be wonderful for you! :D

    1. hi sis. yes yes.. these dreams, they make us look old. hahha. but anyway, worth it naman.
      go lang ng go! :)

  2. Wow, what a year! Pretty amazing indeed ma'sha'allah. I'm in awe that you balanced everything. You seem focused and it's great to see in such a young person. Proud of you dearest Kai. Thank you for sharing your life this year and past years with all of us.

    1. thank you thank you for always making me feel like i am the best. hahaha.

      im trying to achieve my wishlist, that is. i do hope for the best in the coming year. in shaa Allaah.

      i also look forward to more to share next year. ^^

  3. Happy new year! 2013 was a real good year to you, hope you'll have a better one this 2014 :)

    1. thank you so much.. let's all hope for the best.

  4. Super ganda ng 2013 mo sis! I'm sure mas bongga tong 2014 mo!!!! ;) good luck to you!! <3

    1. yay! thank you sis. :) sana nga tlga magdilang-anghel ka. ^^
      goodluck sa atin.

  5. You really had a great year, Kai! Graduated and passed the CPA exam! Wow for those achievements :) Ako,walang board exam, but instead, got a job. hehe. 2013 is very blessed year! And you even had a lot of adventures! I wish you more blessings to come on 2014, Kai! Happy new year!

  6. Cheers to an even better 2014!

    I love the quote you put in to that photo: "Learn to appreciate the small things they make you feel contented easily."

    That is what I have learned this 2013 and true enough, although there tons of challenges and big boulders that seem to hinder me from getting to where I need to be, I have learned along the way that stopping by to appreciate the flowers make things even better. For if we fail to appreciate the simple things in life, we will never realize the bigger things in store for us.

    Congrats for being a CPA! :)


  7. 2013 was a big year for you! Congrats on all your achievements! Happy New Year! :)

  8. Congratulations on being a certified accountant! Keep up the good work!


  9. Looks like it has been a successful 2013 for you.. hope your 2014 would be more successful! :)

  10. You had a really busy year, but it was fruitful and meaningful. Hope your 2014 would be productive as well!


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