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Matching the Right Bracelet for Your Outfit

Satisfy your need for shiny things, and turn your outfits from ordinary to extraordinary by creating a polished look with bracelet accessories. Choose from a wide variety of arm candy, and add pizzazz to your style. Choose glittery and sparkly, chunky or dainty, demure and classic, retro or ultra-modern, or bold and statement-making. Whether you choose cuffs, chains, pearls, bangles, tennis or charm bracelets, your choice will change your outfit. A tennis bracelet can dress up jeans or make a little black dress evening-appropriate. A stack of bangles can add personality and make a statement. Leather cuffs can add strength or make an unexpected, complimentary addition to a feminine outfit. An eclectic mix of wrist wear can provide a focal point and show your confidence. So how do you choose the best bracelet match for you outfit?

Accessorizing your outfit is all about achieving balance and combining complementary colors and textures. In the same way that a decorative home furnishing element can bring a room together, a beautiful hand accessory can add a pop of color, create interest, and bring an outfit together. Just don't overdo it. If your outfit is simple and sleek, you have more freedom to accessorize. For an elegant evening look, wear chandelier earrings with a tennis bracelet. For a fun daytime look, create a focal point on one arm by wearing a stack of bangles in varying widths and textures, and balance your look by minimizing other accessories. If your outfit involves patterns, frills, layers, or other busy textural components, choose simple wrist wear. Your jewellery shouldn't compete with your clothing.

If you're thinking of combining a dress, earrings, and bracelet all in teal color - don't do it - it's just too much matching which looks very dated. Create a fresher, younger look by adding bracelets in a complimentary color to add eye-catching polish. Be sure to choose bangles, beads and chains that appeal to you and reflect your personality. You will be comfortable wearing them, and your confidence, one of your most attractive accessories, will show. The right wrist wear will finish off an outfit and give you a put-together, sophisticated look, have fun, be as bold as you want to be, and choose the right bracelet to elevate your style.

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