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A Date With Bestfriend

Last October, my bestfriend, who is working in Pampanga, went to visit me in Manila (I am spoiled by her). It was really lovely seeing her after a long while. The last time I saw her was in December 2012 when she visited me in Iligan City. 

We met up at SM Mall of Asia because her stop was somewhere at Pasay. 

She arrived at about 11 AM, and I had to wait at MOA all alone for about an hour. T___T When she arrived, we were dead tired and hungry. So, we rush off to Pepper Lunch to eat. We chatted so much that we didn't mind giggling and laughing so much. I am always glad that I have very charming and loving best of friends. 

We caught up with things that we cannot say fully on phone calls. It was like being with my biological and twin sister from another parents (even tho I don't have one). We were giggling while we texted Jurfaida that we were together. We aimed at making her envious. Haaa! 

I was bringing with me the hijabs that I owe her. And I was mad (not in a bad way) that she forgot to bring my chocolates. Urgh! hahah. Then, we bought similar doll shoes, etc.

Her lunch.


We were unconscious that we were of the same colour that day from head to toe. Ahh! Great minds think alike. Haha. It is like my thoughts would teleport to hers, vice versa. 


We, then, headed to Robinsons Manila to check in at a hotel and meet some friends. It was such a happy afternoon. As usual, we were all laughing at everything. It is really heartwarming to be with people who understands your every whim and whatnots.

Having a best friend is really special. You get to share your thoughts, doubts, and happiness with the person who understands, cares, and love you.

How about you? When was the last time you went out with your best friend?

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  1. Awww.. namiss tuloy kita bespren agad.. bitin kasi ang oras.. nagmamadali na umuwi ksi pagabi na.. nextym ulit! in shaa allah..


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