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The Graduation Rites

Five years. That's how long it took me to finish college. It's not because I flunked or anything. Accountancy in MSU IIT actually takes five years to finish. I know, it sucks. But hey! I made it. ^___^ 

All those ups and downs. Crazy late night studying. Sleepless days and nights for the research. Everything about school works. They all are nothing but memories now. Next stop is the review school.

Last April 8, 2013 was our graduation ceremony at the MSU IIT Gymnasium. It was the most tiring and hottest day of my life. I personally guessed that the temperature that time was more than 37 degrees Celsius. Really. The gymnasium was jampacked with people - about 4000 people (I think). The huge fans did no justice. They need to get that building ventilated. It's a good thing that there is no one hit by heat stroke or got extremely dehydrated. Anyway, I will stop complaining. haha

 I wore my highschool graduation dress to ceremony. And I personally love the makeup I did on myself that day. Even my mom (who's a perfectionist) commended me on my great work. hahaha.

She was my parent for that day. Mom and I decided that she won't come because I don't want her to get dizzy with the number of people coming for the graduation. And it was decided. All thanks to my best friend who was my personal photographer (again) and taga-bitbit. Sorry jheng. I love you.


Nope. This is not the real crowd yet. There's no space in the gym aside from the space at the stage.

Our guest speaker was Dr. Isagani R. Cruz

Wew! Got tired wearing heels. Hello Grendha sandals. Thanks for being with me throughout college.

Someone came to greet me, as well. Thanks.^___^

They waited for us at the CASS Library.Mom's wearing her pambahay. lol
 That's it for my graduation. Thank you for reading through (if you did). If not, thanks for viewing all the photos. hahahaha.

Wish me the best. I love you all! ^____^



  1. Woweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Love the photos (LOL at duck face with male classmate one!) - that IS a lot of people! And I like the first pic most, though I know that is not the true color of your outfit haha! You look like a perfect little golden Muslimah statue! You and your classmates look amazing, love the graduation cap and gown (at least that is what we in Amreeka call it lol)...

    Anyyways, we love you right back x 10000 and we will always be wishing you the best as you decide on what to do next in life!

    Keep rocking Kai! Again, so proud of you, happy for you - I know what it is like to go through grueling studies - two degrees over 10 years myself alhamdulillah, so super super well done!

    Lots of love and high fives!

    Brother / Dr. Anees!

  2. I heard, sa UST 5 years na din ang Accountancy. Grabe lang. Lumelevel sa Engineering. Haha. Pero infairness, nasurvive mo! Congrats sis. :)

    Buti ka pa may post ng outfit mo that day. Ako wala. Nakakainis kasi yung araw ko. Read mo yung story ko about my graduation. Hahaha.

    Ang cute ng toga nyo sis. Lalo na yung sumbrero. Haha. Bakit ganyan yung toga nyo? hindi yung usual? Depende ba sa school? O ganyan talaga dyan? No offense meant sis ha, curious lang. Hehe.

    Naku ang dami nyong graduates. Lahat ng course ba sabay sabay? Samin kasi, pero building. Kasabay namin mga Engineering courses. Wala kaming kasamang other courses, pero inabot na kami ng 1000+ graduates. Buti nalang samin aircon yung gym. Kaya buong pamilya ko, kasama. Haha. Sayang di mo kasama mama mo. Pero safety first nga naman muna. Hehe.

    And okay na din na bestfriend mo kasama mo you have decent pictures. Ako wala. Kapatid ko kasi may hawak ng camera. Haha. Di kasi kami allowed na magpicture picture. And strict. Buti nga napuslit ko phone ko kasi amboring talaga. hahaha.

    Anyway, congrats ulit sis! Board exam naman next. Haha. Nagstart ka na magreview, right? Goodluck and God bless! :)

  3. Kai! Mabrouk!!! Super dami ng tao ah. Imagine 4k+ .. wooh! sabagay nakakaexcite naman talaga grumaduate eh. :) More success to come, Kai. In shaa Allah!

  4. congrats dear Kai :). Ahahaha.. I love all of the photos and that last paragraph on your writing

  5. Great photos Kai!! :))) proud friend here :D :D and lol too at the duck face comment from dr. anees. HAHAHA

    Wish you more blessings in the coming years!!! You're one fine and strong woman, I'm confident you'll go far :D

    Love you!


  6. Congratulations! I actually graduated after 5 years of college (even though my course was just 4-year course) but I guess, I am one of those people who took their time. I love your pictures and I like how you carry yourself--you're so confident and vibrant.

    Actually, you're very lucky with the fans ^^ When I graduated, it was celebrated at our amphitheatre (which is open grounds). Just imagine the heat! But all was worth it, right?

    Congratulations again and I wish you all the blessings as you venture out in the real world!


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