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Bye Dental Braces

More posts regarding my braces here.

Today marks the day that I bid goodbye to my dental braces after two years of enduring the pain during every adjustments. I personally asked my dentist to remove it because I am gonna be saying goodbye to Iligan City pretty soon. Just like everyone else, I am quite indecisive as to removing it or not. However, I just have to. 

So, here's how my teeth looked like. I actually had a hard time choosing on what photo I will be putting in the first slot because it would be suicide to post the others. Lol! I will be posting the photos of the mold of my previous and current teeth on the next post.

As you can see in the first photo, my frontal teeth are badly protruding and kind of facing each other. LOL! It's quite okay in the photo, had you seen it personally, it really looked bad. 

Removing the braces today just prepared me for the job fair tomorrow and my graduation on April 8. ^____^ So, next time you see me, I'll only be wearing retainers. And sometimes, with bare teeth. Yay! 

The frontal teeth is still kind of overbiteeyy, but I like it. It kinda looks cute. Overbites are cute in Japan, right? I'll fit in just right. haha

Btw, my dentist is Dr. Gene Sardane. His clinic is located near the Old Gaisano Department Store in Iligan City. He is a very friendly doctor and he smiles a lot. ^____^


  1. Sigh, buti ka pa sis nakapag braces ka. Ako din medyo gusto ko kasi may sungki ako. Pero takot kasi ako eh. kasi diba madalas magka singaw pag may braces. High maintenance pa. >.< Wish I had them when I was still a kid.

    Masayang isigaw after some time nag braces ka ay, "Freeedooooooom!!" lol May friend ako forever naka retainers kasi di daw siya sanay. Parang yung feeling na nakahubad daw. hehe.

  2. You look so much better without the braces sis! :)

    Congrats that you finally had them removed. :D

    xoxo, Ai Ming

  3. Nag aaral pala ako sa Iligan den may plano akong mag pabraces.. 'yung sinasabing mong Doktor, nandyan pa ba siya sa Iligan ngayon? How much is the downpayment? at magaling ba siyang doktor?

    1. Hi there.
      Yes, He is still there. Along Old Gaisano ang clinic nya.
      Per experience, magaling xa and super bait.
      My downpayment was 15k and 2500 per visit (pero depending if you have to be adjusted dahil nasira ang bracket, etc kahit wala pang bayad.)

  4. How much is the downpayment? Magaling ba siyang Doktor?


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