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Four Cities in Two Days - Photo Dump

Last April 15, I bid farewell to Iligan City. It was really heartbreaking to say goodbye to our apartment. It has been my home for more than five years. 

Before we finished packing our things.

All packed up.

Our things.
We had most of our things sent through 2go days before. So, we had less things to bring for the trip. 

At the bus bound for Cagayan de Oro City

At CDO Lumbia Airport bound for Zamboanga City

Getting ready to meet Jannie and her bf.
Zamboanga Cawa-Cawa Boulevard

Met up with the sweetest Jannie. Photo grabbed from her FB.
I am too lazy to get our photos from my camera. So, I just grabbed the photo from Jannie's FB. She and her boyf are really good company. You'll never get bored. They talk about anything under the sun. It's kind of refreshing to see young people (ehem) talk about the world.  

On April 17, we left ZC for Manila. 

ZC Canelar Airport

My coolest ride for the week - mini jeep.
Yep. We strived hard to fit into the back portion of the jeep. Srsly, even my fat ass won't fit into the mini seat. lol. Sorry for the language used. :P

The story behind the photo is that I asked my aunt to take a photo of us. Then, kah Midz (our driver for the day) suddenly started the car. I was so nervous that my aunt would get left behind. Thus, the photo. :P
Talk about blurred photo. Taken at the ZC airport departure area.

Goodbye present.
I also received an Abaya as a gift from my bestfriend, Jurfaida. It was a pretty tangerine Abaya. Thank you so much for the presents. It was the best graduation/goodbye gifts I received.

It was heartbreaking to leave Iligan City, knowing there are people I will be leaving behind and not knowing when to see them again. I even texted everyone that "I would be seeing them again pretty soon."

In a matter of two days, I was able to be in four places: Iligan, Cagayan de Oro, Zamboanga and Manila. ^____^

Photos are taken by my Samsung Galaxy Y phone except for photo grabbed from Jannie and the last photo.


  1. InshaAllah babe! Goodluck to your new journey in life. I will always be praying for your success! Take care ka lagi jan sa Manille ha! :D

  2. More photos! Anyway, i felt like you enjoy the trip!

  3. Yayayay! Goodluck sa new journey! And get ready for the exam!


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