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Moved In

Finally, I've moved in to the dormitory last April 22. My mom will go home on the 30th, but she insisted that I should move already. So that I will be able to adapt with dorm life while she is still in Manila. *sigh

I will share rooms with TingTing, Menchie, and Sol. Since they are not yet around, so I currently own the room myself. When I moved in, I had to do every chore. Can you imagine? I survived two nights already. ^____^ 

Our room is, well, not that big. But the space is just enough, I guess? I don't really know till my friends arrive. The dormitory is okay. I like it.
 Ever since my stay in Manila, I grew tired of putting makeup and everything. That's why, you can see me now bare-faced almost everyday.

I'd also prefer staying at home rather than roaming around the Metro. I hate how traffic is crazy here. But the people are welcoming though.

And yes, the photos below are my eye candy every afternoon.

Pretty huh? ^____^ 


  1. Maganda din naman pala ang sunset ng manila...

    pero mas maganda ung main-object in oink hujab...he eh eh

    God bless

    1. hahaha. nambobola ka ferm ha. :P
      yep. malingkat nga in sunset. hehe

  2. hi sis! you're here na! :) yes, less makeup on talaga lalo na sa sobrang init na panahon ngayon coz mas lalong nagiging stikcy yung face :)) I prefer being barefaced too unless parties ang pupuntahan ko,. :D anyways, enjoy the dorm life! :D

    1. sinabi sis. ang init2. laging sumasakit ulo ko pag lumalabas. kaya nga halos magkulong na ako sa dorm. hahaha

  3. Good thing your room has sufficient lighting. Our room before only has small window so I can't really take pictures inside the room.

    Pwede ba magluto sa dorm nyo? Samin kasi hindi. Bawal din maglaba, pero lahat kami naglalaba naman. Hahaha. Iba talaga pag dorm sis. Wala kang ibang aasahan kundi sarili mo. Kaya take care of yourself. Stay healthy kasi ang hirap pag nagkasakit ka. :(

    I hope you enjoy your stay in Manila though. :) I also prefer staying in the dorm kesa gumala around Manila. Haha. Lumalabas lang talaga ako pag niyayaya ako ng friends. Anyway, basta ingat lang sis. As I have said, be observant and aware of your surrounding. Take care sis. And review mabuti. Good luck! :))

    I hope to see you soon :))

    1. Meeeeeiiii.

      Salamat. hehehe. yes, i super love the dorm. mahangin xa tas ok naman. bago kasi. heheh.

      yep. i have my vits and i should eat more healthful foods. kasi nman puro ata unhealthy ang mga kinakain ko now. tsktsk. >.<

      i will see you soon!!! mag-adjust muna ako sa env. hahah

  4. welcome in manila dear!! although im sure there are more pollutuon and stress here!! Good luck to you!!

    PS you look so nice kahit bare faced :D

    1. hahaha. super ung pollution and stress sis. i super hate waiting for cabs. like, ang hirap lang kumuha. tsktsk.

      thanks sa compliment. hehe

  5. Aww, congrats sis - but lots to study though right? I can see Kai doesn't like the big city life hehe. I agree...maybe nice to visit, but living long-term, not so fun with the pollution, traffic etc. And Bare face Kai = sweet and beautiful, as always ma'sha'allah. Big bhaya approves (as should everyone else) :)


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