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Why Your Blog Must Be A DoFollow Blog

A blog, specifically Wordpress ones, are designed to be a nofollow blog especially in terms of the commenting system. What is Dofollow anyway? Well, let me hint to you that SPIDERS and WEB BOTS will not crawl a link if it is of nofollow state. So, it's useless exchanging links to blogs that are nofollow.

Now, why your blog must be a dofollow blog? Let me elaborate more.

Blogs are made to be famous. Lol! Well, who would want a blog that noone ever reads unless the author himself? You blog because you want to be heard. One way to be heard is by ranking on the first page of the Google and other search engines. If you have a bad link rating, your blog will never be able to reach that height.

Bloggers resort to building their links by numerous link exchanges and leaving comments on a number of blog they could probably bloghop. These act is always helpful. Gaining a Pagerank means that your link is widely spread. However, there is always an exception to the rule. Not all blogs offers a hundred percent linkage to you. They are what you call the nofollow blogs/sites/whatever.

Blogs with rel="nofollow" in their HTML/PHP will tell the web spiders and bots to not crawl the said link. It's as if the link is just there for formality's sake. There is no effect on the side of the affiliate. So, when you are looking for sites and blogs that you could leave your link on (through reciprocal links, commenting on a blog, directory submissions, buying links, etc) figure out if the links in the particular section of the site you are aiming for uses “nofollow” or not.

How do you achieve a DoFollow blog? For wordpress users, there is actually a plugin called DoFollow which you can download and install. For Blogger users, read the article on how to remove nofollow on your blog here.

My blog is a DoFollow blog. So, if you want to build your link with a PR 3 blog, feel free to comment here. I am with high hopes that in time, there will be no blog that is nofollow. It is for everyone's sake anyway. :)

I hope that helps.




  1. Cool. This is so informative. Will help a lot on blog ranking.
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  2. wow sis ngayon ko lang nalaman to ah!! hmmm but is it safe? i've read some paid posts rules that requires a nofollow link. But i had no idea back than what it really is.
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  3. paid posts require a dofollow blog sis. not a nofollow blog. :)

  4. waaaaa.. ngayon ko lng to nalaman. wahahahaha.. last time ko pa actually naririnig yung dofollow/nofollow na yan.. pero di ko magets gets! XD thank you for sharing this one sis! :D
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  5. hehe. ako nga din dati eh. pero now, alam ko na! hahah
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  6. thank you for sharing sis... at least now I KNOW such thing exists. i'll look for that plugin when i have time. :)

  7. nabasa ko rin to dati while looking a plugin :D naka install ako dati neto. kaso nakalimutan ko na. haha! jeeezz! thank GHAAAD! at naalala ko :D thank you sis!

  8. Cool sis! I wanna exchange links.. =) hihi! tara lets!

  9. sure lets linkex. haha. :))
    added you to my links already.

  10. welcome sis. hehehe. para fair share ang lahat sa linkbuilding.

  11. this is informative...imagine i had been blogging since 2005, but I never got so conscious about it...but when Sis Ruby explained the importance of it, specially when you are monetizing now I checked all my blogs and too glad to know that all of my blogs are friendly...

    Visiting from Filipina Bloggers United (FBU)
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  12. What great writing!

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  13. Thank you very much for this informative and excellent post!


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