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EC Do Day, 4Vidas Victory Party & Bday Bashes

Notice: Long and Late post and photos ahead.

July 30, Saturday is not just another day for us, the 4Vidas. It is a day of work, and party.

We started the day with the Do Day for the EC Office. We had to do a total make-over of the EC Office. However, the day would not be complete without photos. Too bad there is no before and after photos of the Office. Oh well.

Since it was Marketing Week, most of the people who cleaned were my batchmates. Officers from other department were so busy with their respective contests. We also watched their Impromptu Advertisement and Chain Story-telling for the literary events. It was superb. :)

We managed to throw away things that are not really needed in the office. So, byebye to those. hehe. Shayne was nice enough to help us even though she still has events for the Marketing Week. Let's not forget Lyxa and Sydney too. :)

One thing I love about my batch is we are able to smile through hardships and enjoy the company of each other. It does not matter what we do as long as we have each other. Naks! haha

Now, I give you the new EC office that looks like a home more than an office. haha

Yeah! We are so amazed by the output of our hard work. We still are planning to get rid of things such as the unused computers. They just add up to the mess.

This is it! Afternoon session with them 4Vidas.

There were those who doubted us but they can never take away our happiness. :D We went to Calda Pizza to celebrate our Victory and some of our batchmates' birthdays.

Had to change outfit. :P The people in the photo above are the early birds. Note that we agreed to meet there at 4PM. Then, we the early birds managed to go there at 5PM. hahaha. For this, I contributed Php500 from my online earnings for the victory party. And there were those who celebrated their birthdays in July too and contributed a sum of money (Leoj and Al).

Thank you so much Raffy for the blurry photo! The money is denominated from greatest to least. And if you know what I mean, there are those who just used props just for the picture-taking. wahahah.

This one's little better. But some are not present in the photo anymore. Haha. Thanks to us for the contributions. We merely just contributed for our food. hahaha.

I ask forgiveness to those who are fasting (like me) at the moment for the photos below. It's just that, this is a super late post. haha

XL Filleto Pizza batch 1. Why? Because there is still batch 2 but we don't have a photo of it. Sorryyyy! :) And oh, let's not forget the trophy. :P



Lols! Them, voracious eaters. JK!

Here are more photos:

Told ya! More photos. Moooooore of them! hahaha

Here are some camwhoring shots of me. Lewl!

Told ya this will be a super long post with a number of photos. haha. It was not easy putting en here but I am so excited to share them to you. It was worth it somehow. After the eating at Calda, we went bowling at Platinum Bowling Lanes. It was a game Girls Vs. Boys. And Powerpuff Girls beat the Powerpuff Boys. hahaha

It is now Ramadhan. To all people I've caused trouble, hurt, pain, and harm, I apologize heartily. If ever I meant what I've done, I have had the consequences of my actions. That, I want to apologize of. :)

To people who caused me trouble, harm, hurt and pain, I endured it all and I forgive anyone who've caused it. You may mean it or not but I am still forgiving you. There is no way that I am going to keep all of those in my heart.

Lastly, I am wishing all of us a fruitful Ramadhan. I hope the Almighty Allah will accept all of our sacrifices this month. I hope we learn something new. I hope we will be a better person this month and beyond. InshaAllah.

With that, I leave you this photo.

Thank you Sittie for the photos. :)

PS: My contest is ending Aug. 3. I will announce the winners on August 6. I am so sorry. I will be busy. The posts you are about to see in here will all be scheduled posts. :(


  1. Aww. I miss my DLSU Blockmates :( We were so closed and I had to mess it all up. In the end, I had to transfer schools. I really wish I spent more time with them then.

    Reading your posts reminds me of the happy moments we had as well. :) Always treasure those moments and feel blessed to have great friends such as them. Because when the times comes that you encounter a problem in life, surely they will be the ones who will be there for you. Aside form us bloggers that is ;)
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  2. mukhang enjoy na enjoy kayo sis :D magnda tlga kung nagkakasundo ang batchmates xD hehe. pizza! ang tagal ko ng gstong kumain ng pizza ule xD

  3. nalula ako sa pics, mga adik tlga kayo sa pics no? hhe sexy mo sis! ano ung vital statistics mo? :D msg mo sakin sa fb ah. ;)) <3
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  4. i love your photos especially those last two photos.

    i love the pizza too & good job on your office make-over :)


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