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Blinged Camera Plus Contest Prizes

NOTICE: If you are one of the participants in my contest, YOU NEED TO READ THE FOLLOWING:

I've already lined up my activities for the coming days. As I said, the winners to my contest will be announced on August 6, Saturday, due to some personal issues. I cannot really make the necessary checking of the points (entries) of each participant because I am busy with CBAA Days and my academic subjects as well.

Anyhow, I will be posting the photo of the prizes to be won in this post. If you still want to join the contest, you have until August 5, Friday. Yes! I am extending the contest. I am really sorry to those who are excited to know the results. For those who still want to join, you can read the instructions on how to join here.

Before posting the photos, I would like you to see my old Sony Digital Camera (which I was about to sell but backed out because I love it to bits) with its blings. I've been inspired by Xiaxue and sis Angela for blinging my camera. It is still not fully-blinged somehow because I don't have the time to finish my work yet.

So yeah. Here it is:

I've used beads and crystals for the blings and Bulldog steel glue for sticking the blings to the camera.

It's not much but I love the feminine side of my camera now. Oh wait. It's not feminine. It's super girly. hahah.

Moving on, let's see the photos of the prizes of my super duper fab contest.

Let's start with the LILPINK ID Strap. I super love this. I even got one for me.

There was a misunderstanding with the shop with the making of this ID strap because I said to her to not put a seal of my school, MSU IIT. But, she still did. Oh well. It's late when I saw it. So, the winner will just have to bear with the fact that my school is encrypted to her ID Strap. haha

Moving on, let's get into other stuffs such as the pants which everyone is looking forward. haha. Many of the participants told me that they really want the pants. I don't blame them. I, myself, want it too. :D


As you can see, I am wearing the pants which are harem pants like one worn by Aladdin. :D

Next are the two pairs of earrings and one bracelet from my shop: The Lilpink Shop. The lucky winner will be able to choose the two pairs of earrings and one bracelet from my shop.

All in all, the lucky winner from the Philippines for my 2nd part of the giveaway will be the following:

That's it for the prizes of the 2nd part of my contest. However, let us also consider the $10 prize for the 1st part of the fab contest which is open worldwide.

To those who still want to be one of the lucky winners, you can still join. Click here.


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  1. cuuute sis!! :D and your camera is kawaii too!! super blinged out! <3 me likeyyyy . :D
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  2. omg! na excite ako xD anyways, i added pala. linked you in your both websites :3

  3. lol i thought you are giving away your camera.. hahah na excite ako saglit.. anyways can't wait for the results :)

  4. same here claire... kala ko din i gigive away na haha... ang cute pa naman! ang cute din ng strap...

  5. Awwwe I'm glad I have inspired you on blinging up your cam. :) Mine is completely blinged up only in the front. I still need to bling the sides and back like xiaxue's :P

    Your contest prizes are nice... the winner will be very lucky. :D
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  6. too girly! ang cute... i like the ID lace... you gave me an idea that i could use in school. :D sana magkatime ako para magpagawa and i hope they accept kahit isa lang. hahaha
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  7. Sayang di ako nakahabol :(
    Gusto sana sumali. :D
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