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Hijab Tutorial Videos and Wallet Tag

NOTICE: This post will cover two topics: one for my hijab tutorials on youtube, the other for the wallet tag.

I've recently uploaded a new hijab style tutorial at youtube. One is for a hijab that has designs on both sides, the other is for the usual pashmina.

The first tutorial is for the hijab with designs on both sides. Actually, this is only a two and a half minute tutorial. It's super simple. The hijab style will look like this:

Here's the tutorial:


The next tutorial vid will be on the hijab look using the usual pashmina. And it will look like this:

Here's how to do the style:


Moving on, sis Angela tagged me on The Wallet Tag. The rule is that I show you my wallet and what's inside it. Don't expect much though. hahaha.

I actually have two wallets but I use the small one more often. It's like a purse or something like that. :D The big one is Mango and the smaller one is Debenhams. Both are given to me since I really don't like buying a wallet. I have this mindset that if I cannot put much money into a wallet, why spend to buy one? I use the pouch and the big one just lie around the room. I keep my cash in different currencies in the big one and the Philippine money in the pouch. :)

Anyway, moving to my wallet tag, you can already see what's inside it - Debit Cards, Money, Receipts, and a well-kept 2x2 photo (which you can't see because it's well kept, haha).  I see to it that I have a 2x2 photo in my wallet in case I need one. There's nothing really to see in my wallet. haha. Plain boring! 

So, I'm tagging Zarah Z, BlogGirl, Clint, Tine, Freyah, Michelle and Mei.


PS: I will choose another winner for my Fab Contest. This time, the winner is Cielo of Please contact me at hijabified(@)bismillah(dot)com.


  1. di ko talaga akalaing may iba ibang style yan hehe. it's a greate help for those na gusto baguhin yung style ng hijab nila hehe

    wow i didn't expect the tag :)) kaso coin purse lang gamit ko. pano ba yun hehe i have a wallet pero di ko talaga sya ginagamit haha ayun na lang. hehe bahala na :)) thank you. i'll find time to do the tag :))
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  2. I love the purple hijab! It's so stylish! :)
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  3. cute wallet blue! xD kakahiya naman. ako lang siguro ung panglalake ang wallet. hahaha! xD jeeeessh! I'm not into buying wallets too. all of my wallets are given to me. except for tiny purse. bought it for 20php. haha xD
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  4. nice tutorial ;) keep itu up,babe!
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  5. Thanks for tagging sis.. Made my post already :D pretty wallet, dami mong pera :P

  6. wow! another tag... kakatapos ko lang din sa slambook tag! thanks sis... will do this tomorrow or anytime this week. :D i wish i could also have a blue wallet. :D
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  7. Oh yah I forgot you are a muslim... you know im working here in the arab country so I always see people weiring
    hijab, and those people who are already following the modern era, is able to accessorize the hijab but for some they are still following the tradition... anyway, it really looks good on you...

    I like your wallet, I'm planning to buy a new wallet soon... keeping my fingers cross on that!

  8. hi sis! love your vlogs! You're really a certified fashionista. keep it up sis! ^^ Anyways, ang viral ngwallet tags,. hehe. ^^

  9. nice tuts sis! :D amazing! :D nakoooo.. i like your wallet.. ang cute ng design! :D yung well kept 2x2 pic ko tinanggal ko na sa wallet kase baka makita ng mga classmates ko.. nakakahiya... wahahahahahaha.. :D

    P.S daming pera sis ah... woooot woooot :D

  10. lol parang akin lang ang walang laman talaga.. ahahah.. nakakhiya naman..
    Gosh di na naman ako nanalo :( anyways congrats to the new winner :)


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