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As always, I have my to-do lists tied up. Anyway, I want to update about my life and my thoughts. This will be random. Bear with me.

Ramadhan is at its peak. It will end next week and I feel so bad about having my monthly period. Why? Because I cannot fast. We are prohibited to fast if we are impure. Well, when you actually have menstruation, you are cleaning yourself. That means, wastes are going out and you are not pure as you are when you don't have menstrual period. I was actually wishing to complete Ramadhan but I was not given a chance. Though girls on their monthly periods are exempted, I still want to do fasting. Oh well, that's the price for being a girl.

Moving on,it makes me really happy to hear words of wisdom. Lately, people have been really supportive especially my family and friends. I am glad to have them. With all the things I need to accomplish, those words are my strength. They serve both as guide and charm.

Lastly, I've uploaded a Youtube video about my Six-Dollar ($6) Haul. Yes, I've used Php249 to purchase the items I have on the video. Awezumm! Excuse my diction and pronunciation. I was really nervous. And I have this bad accent. haha Actually, it took me like 400 minutes to have the video uploaded. Lesson learned. I'll have it rendered as MP4 next time and not WMV. It takes forever to upload such 200+mb video. The internet signal in the Philippines is crawling. It can't even walk. Gosh! hahah. That's how slow it is!

PS: The contest winner did not actually approach/message me. So, I'm gonna be picking another winner by Saturday. tsk.


  1. ayy ganon pala yun. pag may mens bawal mag fast. tsk sayang naman for your situation. anyway may next ramadan pa naman. sana wala ka ng mens nun hehe XD

    sorry i cant watch the vid. youtube is blocked here in school. tsk.

  2. Hello Ayah! How's your fasting so far? Have you prepared for Eid? I'm a Malay Muslim from Malaysia, and yeah, it's too bad if we can't fast during our period - but I try so hard not to eat during my period, and only drink if I'm very thirsty. Anyway, I love your fashion sense! Ramadhan and Eid mubarak! :) May Allah bless you and your family, sis! :)
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  3. at least pwede mabawi ng girls and pag fast after xD goodluck sis! OMG! congrats sa new lucky winner xD natuwa ako sa comment ni mei about sa next ramadhan. haha! like the outfit btw xD i always wanted to wear long sleeves but im not that thin and long to wear one xD

  4. yey! I love your outifit and your first haul video sis! <3 tama..sayang di ka nakapag fast ngayon sis :) yan din alam ko.. basta may Monthly period ang girl hindi talaga nakakapag fast. ahihhihihih :)

  5. Baam! I just learned something new about Islamic / Muslim culture! That was good.

    Just a tip for you, when you render your video in any format use the 3GP Converter from DVDVideoSoft to compress it. I do this always and it works even for 700MB videos.

    Ramadan ends in a few days, I hope you can participate fully next year. :D
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  6. Assalumo alaykum,

    i like your blog, fine and was good. BTW, i'm from davao. I guess you are Maranao, I have so many friends.

    Antonae pasusuwaan ka imanto? Miyakasung ko roo sa mawatan a engud sa Butig ago Lmbayanague.

    Kababayaan ko pmn makaruma so maranao, pagilay ka uwm!


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