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May is Official

Finally. After a hassling way of booking online in Cebu Pacific, our flight has been confirmed for Manila and Brunei on May. Hohoo!! I will be spending 4 days in Manila and 2 weeks in Brunei with my beloved mom. I am so excited to see my relatives in Brunei (yes. Bruneian relatives with true Bruneian blood.) You don't know how happy I am for the confirmation of this travel.

It has been three years since my last visit to Brunei. I guess, this is a treat I deserve. ;) At the moment, I will do my very very best at school. I don't want to disappoint my mom when I am receiving everything I want. :) How about you guys? Any summer plans?


  1. aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh sobrang naiinggit ako :((((((((((((((((((((((
    i saw their promo too and i want a flight to bohol, because all my cousins are there. pero i need to take summer classes so yea :(((((((((((((((((

  2. wow I love to travel! It's always amazing right ?! (that's why I'm graduated in Tourism =p)
    I just googled for Brunei and it looks very rich! It might be delightful for the eyes *o*
    I wish you'll have a blast for your summer vacations. Here in France is so cold, summer seems to be so far from me right now... I'd love to travel to the beach. Well, I guess just time will tell me where I'll be by july :D

  3. Maypa ka kaii sure na sa accounting
    Akooo I booked a flight napud pero di pa nako pabayran until after midterms kayy nahh basin mag summer classes ku ba :((


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