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Accounting, me love

MSU IIT offers this field, Accountancy, for the cream of the crop. You will be astounded as you enter the Accountancy department to know that your classmates are Valedictorians, Salutatorians, and so on. It is indeed already fulfilling enough to be in this field. Accountancy was just a second choice. I really want to be an interior designer. I passed UP Diliman years ago (under the interior designing field) but decided not to enter due to lack of financial assistance. My mom could not afford my studying interior designing.

Moving on, I have come to love accountancy. I have always put in my mind that this is my calling. I would still love to take a course in interior designing but I have to finish what I have started first.

Accounting was never easy. It has always been the pioneer source of all my problems and stresses in life. Teachers are always wanting the best out of us since we are the the so-called cream. I am not that studious in this time of my life. Maybe back when I was in elementary and high school, I love to study. Now? I don't know where the crap of being so lazy at studying came from. At the moment, everyone in class is in their lowest self-esteem. Getting a flunking grade is an enough stressor already. Everyone seems to be with me when I say, I am too lazy to study. Yes. I am. But I have too. Or else. tsk.

Wish me luck on the upcoming exams guys. As for now, I might want to reconsider about being studious. :) Goodluck to me.

PS: I was bored. So I made a vid. And posted it in my vimeo account.

Kai's Photography from Kai D. on Vimeo.


  1. I tried having an accountancy subject for one whole semester and it was like hell! The debit and credit thingy wasn't just for me. ><

  2. wow.. accounting is really hard nga sis.. hehehehehe.. anyways, good luck on your exam! ;) btw, the video is sooo nice :D

  3. Goodluck on the exam!

    I hated Accounting but I have started to love it because of a certain teacher. But we only have one Accounting class since I am an IT student and we only have one Accounting in our curriculum. T-T

  4. Wow good luck with your exams ^ ^ That's pretty hard but
    I know you will make it

  5. Accounting was my first choice, but due to some whirlwinds I ended up in Finance Management.. and I currently find accounting difficult.XD I lost my DL spot bec of this subject. Well I hope you do great on the exams.

  6. Oh I hate math.. that's why it never comes to my mind to become accountant.. but I know how hard the accounting course, I have my cousin who is CPA also.. and she's like rawr! when it comes to math subjects.. incredible...


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