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1st Lilpink Blogversary

It is indeed one special day for me and my bloggie. Today is's first blogsversary, anniversary, bday, or however may you call it. :)  I could still reminisce the happiness I felt back in Feb 14, 2010 when Cei announced that I am second place in her contest. ;) It was truly a magnifique feeling.

From then on, I treated this blog as an online journal of thoughts and ideas that flood my mind. All of the happiness and hurt, I posted here. I can't imagine how time flies by quickly. Yes, indeed. It is one year ago. And now, I am ready for another year of blogging.

This blog really is an achiever. It got PR 3 in just one month after Cei bought it (but PR decreased as my host became wild in April.) I had to deal with PR 2 for more than 8 months until google decided to give it back its PR 3 last January. It's current Alexa rank is also soaring from 10M last year to 500k currently. Those are some real achievements of a blogger, not to mention that this blog gave me more than Php30k. I am really thankful for this one. I love it more than I imagined.

I thank you all for the constant support. I love you all so much.


  1. woooow... happy blogsary to your bloggie here sis! :) ako di ko na nakeep on track kung ilang years na yung bloggie ko. wahahahaha.. mag 2 years na ata yun eh.. :D

  2. Hey! Thanks for stopping by the site! Congrats on the blogiversary!! xx

  3. nice posed....
    of ur friend..
    nice template

  4. Happy birthday to your blog! :) My blog turns 3 in October. So nice to celebrate and recognise when it's your blog's birthday.

    I had a PR of 3 for my blog and in one day it just went down. I don't really look at PR. But I have other blogs with a higher PR, they're good for paid blogging ahaha. :)

  5. Just renewed! I'm very glad you lurrvveee this domain. Your always welcome sistarr! Happy Vday! mwaa! :*

    P.S. You're friend is cute huh? :D

  6. Happy Blogversary!~ WOOO~ <3<3<3
    Many more happy moments in blogging world to come sis!!! YAYY!!

  7. Happy Birthday to your blog. haha. Must have felt ectatic when you found out you won last year! :)

    30k? Wow. That much? How?

  8. Awww happy blogoversary!!! :D Wish you to get even higher a PR in the next months, because you definitely deserve it, with all your hard work.

    Take care darling.
    ~ Marsha C.

  9. Congrats Ayah! I have had my blog since 2009 and it's 3rd birthday will be this April! I cant believe ive had an online outlet for so long. it is a good proud! Hope you stick around for many more yrs to come :)

  10. Congrats for your blog birthday! I hope that you'll keep blogging for years more!!
    By the way, I loved the new template. Super cute! Have a nice day sweetie ;D

  11. yay! happy blogsary :) my first blog turns 3 on may ^_^ my newest and my fave is still a month old though! haha :D

    love you sis! ;]

    Mary N.


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