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Projects For The Teen Girl's Bedroom

When it comes to your teen daughter's bedroom, there will probably be a few disagreements as to the colors that are used and the designs that are added to the room. You can get a quote today to find out how much it would be to install new flooring, paint the walls and add a few other details that you might not know how to do, and there are a few things that you can do on your own to save time and money.
If your daughter has a lot of nail polish, then transform a spice rack into a polish holder. Paint the rack in a color that the girl likes before adding colorful duct tape on the back surface of the rack so that it can be seen. You can personalize it by adding the name of the teen on the front of the rack.

A picture wall can be made with a simple piece of white canvas. Add pictures along the edge of the canvas with a special phrase in the center that showcases the teen's personality or something that she enjoys doing. One of the other ideas for a wall of the room is to add giant polka dots. You want to use a light color, such as white or gray, on a brighter background. You don't have to paint every wall of the room, and it sometimes looks better if you only do the wall that is behind the bed. Make sure the background color blends well with colors of the details of the room, such as pillows, blankets and decorations on the wall.

If you need more shelving in the room, then get a simple wooden box, paint it, and place it on the wall. The best thing about this project is that you can paint the boxes in any color that the girl likes, and they come in all sizes so that she can place items like pictures or trinkets on the wall in a secure manner. Make sure you adhere the shelves to the wall securely with nails, but screw in the nails in the corners of the shelves so that they can't be seen.

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