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My Cup of Tea: 'Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)' Movie Reactions

Warning: May contain spoilers!

Just like everybody else, I cannot not watch Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name), the latest movie from the acclaimed writer, Makoto Shinkai. Other movies by Makoto Shinkai are Garden of Words, Children Who Chase Lost Voices, Cats' Gathering, and the movie that has left me brokenhearted, 5 Centimetres per Second.

I am a sucker for anime since my childhood. On my free time, I can just go over episodes upon episodes of Anime series and movies. I have in fact watched every episode of Detective Conan, Inu Yasha, Clannad 1 and 2, Koucho wa Maidsama, Samurai X, Slam Dunk, Ghostfighter, Nisekoi 1 and 2, Kimi no Todoke 1 and 2, Tora Dora!, Lovely Complex, and some of Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Gundam Seed, One Piece and many many more. I can't even remember the others anymore.

Of course, I had to watch the latest groundbreaking movie in Japan anime zone. So I did last night. Here's my reaction:
  • As expected from Japanese anime, you have to finish the movie to really understand the totality. Nothing is ever predictable! 
  • There are symbols in the movie that you have to consider to understand it such as Mitsuha's hair cord, sake, etc.
  • Even the smallest detail may mean something like the falling debris at the beginning of the movie. I thought it was just nothing. But in fact, it is where the story revolved. Another one was the making of the braided cords. I thought it wasn't something important. Then again, Taki's and Mitsuha's love story revolved around her hair cord. 
  • The usual Makoto Shinkai style is the meeting of the characters that does not have any idea about each other, which of course happened in the movie. What I loved about it is it is happy ending! hahaha! Don't blame me, I am all for happy endings. This is why I haven't moved on from 5 Centimetres per Second
  • Japanese anime loves to keep us wondering and thinking about the plot. That's why I freaking love it! The arrangement of the scenes are so perfect to keep the mind thinking. Every scene is intertwined, too. Nothing is there just to keep the film longer. :)
  • It doesn't look like a movie tho. It looks like a three-episode series. :D 
  • The OST was sooooo good! The genre is just my thing! Something similar to Jon Boden's How Long Will I Love You. It's on my playlist already. :)
If you haven't watched Kimi No Na Wa, you should definitely watch it especially if you are an anime lover like I am! 

1 comment:

  1. I am more into Koreanovelas lately and I think I should watch Japanese films too!
    I often read good reviews from friends and I want to watch too but I got no copy! Hahaha I'll try and find those you mentioned here! :)


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