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My Cup of Tea: Blogs I've Been Passionately Reading Lately

I've been reading blogs and websites that make sense these days. Although, I have always loved nonfiction writings especially for books, I used to read how-to and lifestyle blogs.

I mostly read motivational, scientific, philosophical, Islamic and political books which is so (meh) boring for most people. I find the aforementioned types of books interesting and mind-blowing. This is why I cannot be the right person if you want to talk about novels (although I read John Grisham and a little Sidney Sheldon and Paolo Coelho).

In the recent strengthsfinder test I took from Gallup, I had the theme "Input" in the first spot. What this meant was the following:
People with strong Input talents are inquisitive. They always want to know more. They crave information. They like to collect certain things, such as ideas, books, memorabilia, quotations, or facts. Whatever they collect, they do it because it interests them. They find many things interesting and have a natural curiosity. The world is exciting precisely because of its infinite variety and complexity. A few minutes of surfing the Internet may turn into hours once their curiosity takes off. They constantly acquire, compile, and file things away. Their pursuits keep their minds fresh. And they know that one day some of the information or things they have gathered will prove valuable. 
Man! It was everything that I am. If you look at my laptop drive, all I have are piles and piles of ebooks (which I still have long way to be able to read everything), blogging and photo and video editing essentials, and memories (eg. photos and videos). I like collecting information and data that I think will be essential to my learning and understanding in the present and in the future.

Moving on, I've been reading really inquisitive and informative blogs right now. And here are some:

Brain Pickings -  I've never been hooked to any blog like I am with BP. I personally love how this blog makes me want to read more and more. With the books that they are presenting to me in every new post they write, I am more and more indulged in reading. My personal favorite post from them is How to Love: Legendary Zen Buddhist Teacher Thich Nhat Hanh on Mastering the Art of “Interbeing” and Nonstop Metropolis: An Atlas of Maps Reclaiming New York’s Untold Stories and Unseen Populations.

Gates Notes - We all know that Bill Gates is a billionaire. But, what I care the most is that he shares his ingenuity through his blog (although I think he has a group of people maintaining it for him). When he shares new books that he has been reading, I usually go over them. Yep, input theme in my strengths is not there for no reason. :)  Here are my current fave posts: How Math Secretly Affects Your Life and Accelerating Innovation with Leadership

Sarah Sarna - I loved interior design even before I decided to take accountancy. I ditched my interior design acceptance at the University of the Philippines because of some personal and financial reasons. Nonetheless, it is something that I still love. Reading and learning more about it is one of the highlights of my day. Sarah's blog is a mixture of interior design and style. But, I mostly go for the interior design posts such as Inside a Stylishly Modern Farmhouse and My Newbie Gardener's Guide to Choosing Perennials.

Sha Elaiza's Colours of my Life - I've been following her since early 2010 when all this fuzz about modest fashion was still new. What made her different from all the other bloggers I follow is that in every post she writes, you can always take away something - from a brilliant idea, meaningful realization to good vibes. I've been loving how she takes time in writing more meaningful posts. I find it intellectually arousing whenever I read her blog. This girl has given me a lot of readings already -  from Muhammad Ali's biography to Eleutheria: Almost Everything I Have Learned in my Life and many many more. What's more lovely is that we have a mutual friend, my lovely and inspiring Anisah. I've been loving her posts: A Sky Full of Stars: Chris Martin and Sufism and Losing Faith, Finding God.

Alhamdulillah, these are some great blogs that I have been raving of. I still have a lot of other blogs that I read often. But these top my most visited blogs lately.

How about you? Which blogs have you currently been reading? Are they similar to those above? Please suggest more to me! 

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