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Handwritten Letters and Someone I Still Don't Know (Part II)

This post is made out of curiosity, imagination and love. As Conan Edogawa would say, 'Alele!' Hahah  To read more on the series, kindly click here.

Dear future husband,

So, I've been thinking about you lately - your personality, whereabouts, way of thinking and so on. I was wondering, do you love reading like I do? How about writing? Maybe yes, maybe no. But all is well. If you are not the writing type, I can always write for you those work materials, business plans and so on.

But of course, you have to know that I like handwritten stuff, right? They make me giggle like a kid who have just received a box of chocolates and candies. So maybe still, you may want to work on the writing aspect. :D No worries, tho. I just want to know what is on your mind, how you perceive our lives would be, how wonderful our Creator is for sending us both to each other's lives. <3 I won't care about the sentence construction. What matters is that it is written from the heart. ^_^

I imagine both of us spending afternoons with tea contemplating about life and talking just about anything in the universe. I would feel like I can talk about anything to you. And even though we will be spending our lives together, you still will be a mystery to solve and a fairy tale to fantasize, but will always be the reality that I will look forward to waking to.

I kind of don't expect you to be a scholar of Islam, but I do expect you to be a practicing Muslim. It is not much to ask, right? Although, I do want you to be more knowledgeable than I am about the religion. Because I kind of want to ask you questions. (And, it looks cute when you answer my questions. haha) 

Moreover, I want to always be reminded of Islam when I look at you. Just in case you may need to know, expect me staring at Allah's beautiful creation - ALWAYS! hahaha. Astaghfirullah, I seem like a stalker. 

The world is an open book, as they say. Ours is another. Why not make our book extra amazing with an extra mile we spend on the road, sea and air? Our view of the world will change vastly as we come to see more of it. It keeps us humble and grounded as long as we keep Allah in the center of our travels - and our lives, of course. In short, expect me to bombard you with travels and explorations. ;)

When you read these series of posts, you may think of me as a hopeless romantic. Well, maybe I am. How longer should I be waiting for you? Like, you can always knock on the door right now. Haha! Kidding. I don't know though when should I be ready. Allahu Alam.


It is quite a post. Many girls can most likely relate to me. So, if you are a man reading this, perhaps, your future wife would want something like this, too. It might not be me, but hey! We are girls. We have quite similar ways of thinking. :D

I may post a Part III in the near future, when I feel all giggly and hopelessly romantic again. hahaha

Have a great day.





  1. somehow reading your post makes me smile, i can remember the time i used to write sweet notes

  2. "So, if you are a man reading this, perhaps, your future wife would want something like this, too."

    Normally, we don't do this kind of stuff unless on wedding day.

  3. I am a hopeless romantic too and even write things like this as well. I do love handwritten stuffs, a simple Take Care on a sticky note always makes me smile. This is a great letter by the way.

  4. This is sweet. My roommate (my husband,btw) still likes to write me sweetnothings once in a while and he always makes me "kilig" everytime he does. :)

  5. I also love sending hand written love letters and The feeling of receiving a hand written letter is really a different kind of joy :)

  6. I also did a letter like this before. Hay.
    "you still will be a mystery to solve and a fairy tale to fantasize, but will always be the reality that I will look forward to waking to." This line tho >>

  7. I like receiving handwritten letters too, or anything that's personalized. :)
    It feels exciting and strange when I think about the future.

  8. I absolutely loved this idea, in this day and age of quick emails, chats and msgs; letter writing has lost its sheen, but the charm of pen on paper will always be alluring.
    - Heena,

  9. I love the idea of writing to someone you haven't met yet.

  10. gosh i remember my student days usually write handwritten letters.. i so miss those times.. love is in the air.. hehe

  11. Aww so much feels. And yes, I can relate to your letter <3

  12. What "kilig" letter. You are a real wordsmith. Thanks for sharing this!

    Lester |

  13. I'm really sure that guy would be very lucky indeed! :)


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