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Your 'Peach Perfect' Promenade

Junior and Senior Promenade, or more known as prom, is one of the highlights of highschool. This is why for this event, highschoolers go loco over choosing for the right dress to wear.

For some, it takes a several months to have their prom dress ready for the event. However, there are a lot of ways to still look perfect for the event without sacrificing style and glamour. For example, there are a lot of online sellers that offers sophisticated and affordable prom dresses. Moreover, there is no need to go to couturier if you purchase a ready-to-wear gown for the event. There is a variety of designs to choose from, as well.

For glam girls who are looking for dresses that will fit their 'peach perfect' personality, we have found just the perfect dresses for you.

This A-Line dress in peach lace and tulle is just perfect a sophisticated yet calm look. The lace on the shoulder makes the whole look just peach perfect. 

If you prefer cocktail dresses, you might wanna check The dress above is so pretty. That lower part is to-die for. Don't you think?

If you want to maintain your simplicity but still look marvelous, how about this flowing dress with a long and flowing shawl? The creasing on this dress is definitely a thumbs up. 

This dress is somehow very similar to the first one. But the first one has lace up to the bottom part and this one is only halfway. Whichever you prefer would still look great and very princess-like. 

Lastlymy favorite of all the dresses is this conservative dress with lace sleeves. With an inner that has the similar color with the dress, this would be perfect for all hijabis that plans to go to prom. I would definitely wear this dress, given the chance.

So, which of the dresses you liked best? Is it similar as my choice? Let me know in the comments.




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