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Modest Dresses for Prom

Getting a ready-to-wear prom dress that looks great is always a hard task. Adding that it needs to be modest makes the task more tiring. For this and many other reasons, I listed some dresses that you can tweak easily into a modest one for your prom.

These dresses are found at, in case you wanna check them out.

May I please remind you to be ready with your inners when you wear this to the prom (if you want it to be extra modest, of course).

This chiffon flowing dress would be perfect for your 'not-so-attention-seeker' kind of look. The darker shade of blue makes it perfect for the night. You sure would look elegant in this one.

However, if you prefer to be the brightest star of the night, this yellow lace dress is perfect for you. The flower crown on the model makes everything more 'fairy-tale' like.

And for my favorite dress, this peach dress looks just amazing and would definitely make the person wearing it look sophisticated and glamorous.

If you are a hijabi, make sure that your inners will be the same color with that of the gown. It will make it a lot easier to match that way. Also, choose a hijab that can go well with the chosen dress. You do not want to look totally absurd wearing colors that don't work well with each other.

If you happen to be looking for the perfect but afordable wedding dress, you may also check

Of course, for your bridesmaids, you may browse at

What do you think of the dresses above? Aren't they lovely? Plus, you can even wear them to other occasions. You'd definitely look classy!

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