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Journal: Bonjour October

Time flew so fast. Can you believe it? Today is already the 1st day of the last three months of 2015! And in a few days, it will be Amun Jadeed (Islamic New Year). Hello year 1437!

I have a lot of things yet to accomplish. I hope I can manage to do them before 2015 ends. I can't wait to have my 6th year-ender post again this year. It such a great way to look back to what the years used to be. 

Anyway, today is my first day of work. This is my first online job, contrary to the belief that I've been working online jobs. I am not really sure how the work will be. I am quite excited and nervous. I guess you need a little thrill when you enter a new world. What I like about this work is that I can somehow learn a lot. I've been thinking more about life-switching and career-switching. I guess this is the best time to do it. If all goes well, I will have to make the hardest decision: to leave or not. 

I would have to weigh in the circumstances and some stuffs. Although I am really determined as to what career I'd like to have in the future. 

As for the moment, let me savor my learning process. 

In sha Allah, if this is His perfect plan for me, I don't have doubts and I will do my best. 

Gambatte ne, kai-san!



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  1. Good luck hun in everything you do! Sounds exciting!



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