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Tutorial: 4 Easy-to-Wear Hijab Styles for Everyday Look

There are a loooooot of times that we run late and need to do our hijabs as fast as we could. Sadly, we run out of ideas as well. So, I am listing four tutorials on easy-to-wear hijab styles from all over the web. These photos are not mine, btw.

Style 1. Fun Twirls

This style from Nabiilabee is perfect for any jersey or cotton hijabs. The fact that there are only almost two steps makes it my ultimate favorite go-to style whenever I don't feel like doing much with my hijab.

Style 2. Easy Square

If you prefer square hijabs, then this style is for you. There are actually only three steps to follow. Sweet!

3. Hidden Agenda

So, you lost your pins on journey? Not a problem at all. Tuck all the excess cloth into your jacket with this style and you still look fab!

4. Turkish Beau

Everybody loves silk and satin, just like what most Turkish wear. This style the best for your shiny rectangular pashminas. One of the famous instagram fashionistas who wear her scarf like this is Seymatje.

Those were some trendy styles for easy-to-wear hijab which is totes fun and fashionable. Which easy-to-wear hijab style do you like most??

As for me, I like #3. Hidden Agenda so much. <3 Been wearing my hijab like that especially on lazy-days. :P




  1. For someone who's not religiously wearing hijab like because of my work and being busy, this is a great way to be motivated to wear hijab. hehe. I like the first one

  2. thank you for sharing this tutorial! i love #2 anyway ^^


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