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That Black Homecoming Dress

You will never go wrong with black, especially for occasions. Homecoming might be around the corner, but you can always look your best even with less time by strutting that little black dress or that flowing long black dress you saw on an online shop such as Homecomingirl.

Again, if you are a modest hijabi, you may want to hijabify these dresses.

For this post, we will be listing three black homecoming dresses that we love and think you will love.

You may be keeping everything simple with this black dress, but those kind of wings on the top of the dress makes your whole look a bit off the hook!

Who says you can't exude elegance being a minimalist? The truth is, when you wear simpler clothes, people will give attention to what's more important. So, strut it girl! 

For those who doesn't like being all too simple, then grab this embellished black dress and head of to your homecoming sparkling and stunning!

Always remember to keep your cool and greet everyone, even your used-to-be nemesis, on this night. Show them that you've learned a lot and you are an individual of elegance and poise. After all, homecoming is all about reminiscing the past and learning from them. 


  1. The little black dress is timeless and vintage, if you have no idea what to wear for a party, why not choose it?

  2. omg the first dress is sooo pretty :)


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