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Job Hunting and Application Tips

Assalamu alaikum ladies.

Recently, I have been receiving couple of questions on my account about job application. Since it would be a lengthy discourse, I had to blog about it.

Translation: Assalam ate, I want to ask for tips and advice in looking for a job. I am already a graduate and I don't know how to start. What shall I do? Thank you. Allah bless.

Translation: Ate, in applying (for a job) like the submission of resumes to companies, do I need to wear business attire? Or only on interviews? What is the appropriate attire to wear to the interview? I mean, with the hijab. Thank you.

I've already given my answer to the first question on my But, I think I got everything mixed up. To the person who asked me, here is a more detailed and "kind of" orderly answer. In sha Allah.

1. On job hunting, you need to know what are your interests in life. Looking for a job means that you have to like the job itself. Otherwise, you would bore yourself. Thus, knowing oneself is a crucial matter.

Most of us, though, applies for a job that fits our college degree. That's no problem. Once you've been involved in one field for a long time, you would have already loved it by this time. Take me for example, I have been dreaming to become an interior designer. But, I took business in college. Ever since, I cannot imagine myself working not as an accountant.

2. If you have made up your mind about what job best fits you, then it is time for actual job hunting.

Job hunting means that you have to know what are available jobs in the place you want to be working in. If your dream job is available, then good for you! For this, you can always check the company or agency websites, jobstreet, jobsdb, etc. 

3. If you have the job and the company to apply for already available, then it is time to make the killer resume.

I highly recommend that your resume be brief but concise. A two-page resume would be enough. Also, remember to not go beyond four pages. The employer is a busy person and does not have all day to read your resume.

An important note to remember is to be sure that your skills in your resume matches the position your applying for. Do not put unnecessary information.

4. Similarly, you should have your cover letter, as well. Same goes, brief but concise!

5. Then you would have to send in your application letter together with the resume and other documents required by the employer.

Not unless you send your documents online, you would have to give personally your documents to the HR officer. Then, you would have to look decent. I said decent. You do not need to be executive-like. Just wear smart casual attire. And remember to smile.

6. When you are shortlisted for interview, be ready to research!

What I mean is you have to know the Ws of the company and position you are applying for. In addition, search for the most common interview questions and have your answers ready. And please, do not memorize your answers or you will look like a robot. Just familiarize.

7. During the interview proper, wear smart casual. Do not wear too much color. I highly recommend that you use earthly or neutral tones. 

8. In answering the questions, be cheerful, confident, polite and truthful. 

9. After the interview, send in thank you letters. This gives the interviewers a good impression about you. 

10. Lastly, applying for a job doesn't mean that you automatically get in. So be patient. If it is for you, it will be. If it is not, it won't be. Just always be ready.

Here are samples of a smart casual attire:

Google Images

Google Images

Good luck! You can do it! 

All the best to the people who are job hunting. 



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  1. I am on the hunt for a job now since I am done school and it has been a struggle! These are great tips hun!


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