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How Long Will I Love You?

Kalasahan ta kaw, meaning, I love you. This is how we, Tausugs, say these words of endearment.

I cannot imagine that I would actually write a blog post about this. haha. Is there a song that you play on loop over and over and you never grow tired of listening to it? Well, I do. I've been listening to this song entitled, How Long Will I Love You by Jon Boden. I heard it when I, together with my roommates during my seminar in Davao, was watching the movie About Time. And since then, I've loved the song already.

This song is probably the most and the only played song in my playlist. lol! My playlist, if you do not know, is boring (for everybody). I have nasheeds, surahs, really really old songs, and this new song. How does that make you feel? haha.

Love, perhaps, is a wonderful thing. It makes you feel nuts at times. It makes you feel a lot. Most of all, it makes you feel happy. When I get asked, "Are you in love?" I take a step back and think, "Am I? I am?" Maybe if you are listening to the same song that I am listening, maybe, just maybe, you are!

Don't get me wrong. I've been crushing on all sorts of humans (esp the opposites) since highschool. I've also been dreaming of Mr. Right, Ideal Man, whatever. We all go through that phase. And I think I am still in that phase. lol. #hicrushwithchinkyeyeswhoknowshowtodraw

Maybe, I am still the same highschool girl who just learned how to have a crush. Coz really, I am feeling oh-so-in-love everytime I hear this song. hahah  Or maybe, I grew out of it already coz I am on a whole new level. ^__-

Will leave you hanging in here. haha.



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