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How to Convert your DVDs To Other Popular Formats with Movavi Video Converter

If you’re in your 20s and have been a movie fanatic while growing up, chances are that you have an enormous DVD collection that’s taking up considerable amounts of space and just collecting dust. And even if you don’t watch any of them anymore, wouldn’t it be great of those heaps of DVDs could be easily converted and stored in a hard drive or cloud storage? With Movavi’s DVD converter, one can easily convert DVDs and CDs into a more current and compatible format.

Variety of Functions

With a wide array features that allow users to do everything from pre-conversion functions like video editing and screen capturing tool, to users who want to add post conversion credits, Movavi’s DVD converter will do that and a whole lot more. It is by far one of the best conversion software that you can find, and it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. It even allows you to convert your high-quality DVDs into HD quality videos. Movavi’s DVD conversion software will allow you to convert a storeroom’s worth of content into a cloud based server, allowing you to access your entire library from anywhere!

Multi-format Support

Movavi’s software supports the most comprehensive list of file formats, over 180, and includes formats and codecs like MP4, AVI, MPG, MPEG, HD video, and so on. The converter’s file-support system is so versatile that it is probably the primary reason why you might want to buy it. Whatever format you’re looking for, consider this software as your one-stop shop for all your DVD video conversion needs.

Economical and Easy to use

Not only is Movavi’s converter an affordable software bundle, but it is even easy to navigate and use. It gives users a powerful video that will allow you to effortlessly rip off unprotected DVD movies and videos from and AVCHD camera or other device in just a few clicks of your mouse. Movavi even has the added features of enabling you to add DVD files from unencrypted DVDs as well. But what truly sets Movavi from its competitors is that it guides to the software’s main features and can even be set to automatically convert an entire file, in one go. Not only does is save you so much time, but also saves you from having to suffer the navigation of dozens or hundreds of unimportant .VOB files.

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