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Tips to Look Your Best This Homecoming

Hi everyone! You are most probably be preparing for homecoming. This post will help you pin down the things you need to know on how to look your best for the said event. However, to my Muslim followers, know that this post may not be applicable to you because we will be choosing short homecoming dresses under 100 from CocoMelody and some edgy makeup look.

Pinning down the perfect dress

We will be choosing some dresses from Cocomelody homecoming dress 2015 collection. This online shop have so many gorgeous dresses available for any occasion. I will be posting some of my favorites.

Lovely, right? Well, most of the dresses I chose costs less than $100. They are really cheap for the design and material.

Shoes-ing up

Whether you wear flats or high-heeled pumps, the key point to remember is comfort. During homecoming, you will be socializing with past friends (and enemies?). So make sure you are feet-ready. And if there is an after-party, you can always be ready if you are comfortable with what you wear.

Also, remember in choosing shoes, if your dress is a bit edgy, keep the shoes minimal. And if your dress is too minimal, you can always add some sparks and color to the shoes.

How to do your makeup

Makeup are just as essential as the dress and shoes. However, less is always more when we talk of makeup. You should make sure that you don't look like a wedding cake nor a clown. We listed down some makeup looks you can choose for your homecoming or any other similar occasion.

Natural makeup look

Edgy makeup look

Smokey makeup look

There you go! I hope this post helped somehow!




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