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Tips on Optimizing Online Shopping

Who doesn't love online shopping? It is convenient, easy and fast. Most of all, you don't need to go out of your room. This is why e-commerce has been on fleek these days. For this post, I've listed few tips on shopping in the world wide web. 

Always check the legitimacy of the online shops. In other words, research!

The internet is really vulnerable to scammers and bad people. Always remember when you are going to give your cash or your card information, you should always check if the websites you are purchasing from is secured and legitimate. You don't want to spend the rest of your days wondering and waiting for your purchases, right?

If you are purchasing from and online shop in the US, you could use a forwarder. 

Simply put, using a forwarder than most of the known shipping companies can save you bucks. DHL and FedEx will actually have take your breath away once the tax and custom duties give you your receipt, not to mention how expensive their handling costs are! -___- 

One example of forwarders is The infographic below will explain to you how it works, if you still need help, you can check here:

They also offer to shop on your behalf. So, it would be pretty easy on your side. To know more about their services, you may check on these links: and

A good shopper is a good reader. 

That means, before clicking buy, read everything about the product. You might be surprised when it reaches to you, it doesn't contain what you expected. Then, when you go back to its specifications, you've got the wrong item purchased. It is not always the seller that is wrong. Sometimes, we buyers take the descriptions and specifications for granted. And when the items arrive, we'd all bolt out at how it did not meet our expectations. So yeah, better read than be sorry later coz it is really hard to return the items and get a refund!

Those were some tips for online shopping. I hope this post was useful!




  1. Great tips! Im a big online shopper and will definitely take these tips to heart!



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