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Perfect Gowns for an Outdoor Wedding from Landybridal

Outdoor weddings have been on demand this past decade. We've seen so many celebrities and renowned personalities walk down the aisle on a beach, garden and many other peculiar places. While many others still prefer the indoor ones, a lot of nature-loving enthusiasts find beach and garden weddings really impressive and memorable.

For this matter, we've come up with an array of beautiful wedding gowns the bride can choose from for her outdoor wedding - be it for the ceremony, reception or both. We especially chose wedding dresses under 500 which can be found at Landybridal. To my Muslim followers, remember to hijabify these wedding gowns! ;) You can if you will.

Of course, outdoor weddings demand that, as a bride, you wear something comfortable and that would be perfect for the sunny weather. Who would want to have a wedding under the rain or snow, anyway? It is a must that you pick the right kind of fabric for your gown!

Here are some of the gowns we chose:

The gowns above do not look so much bulgy nor the fabric are thick. You can be comfortable whilst looking great on the biggest day of your life. However, if you are planning to look princess-y on your day, A Line wedding dresses are your go-to options such as the gown below. 

Btw, here is my favorite of all the wedding gowns I've seen on the website! This is so perfect for any outdoor wedding, and easy to hijabify of course. 

What do you think of our picks? I'm pretty sure that they will look great on anyone.

If you have any suggestions, do drop us a comment.




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