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On Frustrations and Moving On

As far as I am concerned, the path I am currently taking is not the path to my dream destination. However, I am learning to think of brighter things that will happen by reaching the destination. Every one of us has his own share of frustrations. Mine, I want to share with you.

Perhaps those who know me have idea on what the dream destination is. But they always give me advices on loving the current path, so that I do not get lost. Thanks to them.

I am an accountancy student. SOON TO BE CPA. That's the destination I am headed to. There is a lot to look forward to. So is to look back. I've been learning a lot about business. I know, I have already knowledge on how businesses work. It's a good thing. Soon enough, I will be embarking the working life. I want to engage in business. Or, I will pursue the greatest dream of my life. But for now, I have to finish this journey I am taking. I have to finish it with great smile on my face. - Amour Ordinaire

That is a printscreen of my latest blog. It is about the journey I should have embarked. Oh well. If I am bound to be one someday, I will be. Que sera sera, as we coin. Whatever will be, will be. Every once in a while, I go back to that point in my life when I decided to pick what path to take. Did I really know what I wanted? I don't know.

I have talked about this topic a hundred times already. And I am not tired yet. However, to the trials of life that are testing my strength. I will conquer! I will reach the finish line with smile. I will take victory. And soon enough, I will live the dream. I SHALL! :)

PS: On a lighter note, I am hoping that my next post is for the dresses I received last week. I am really looking forward to wearing them. I swear, they are beautiful! :)


  1. Gusto ko yung DD - Designing Dreams! God bless you Ayah.

  2. Keep dreaming because you'll get there in due time. :) I have lots of dreams, too. And I am not giving up, not a single one. There are times that I am so down and frustrated but I know, it's just part of the journey.

  3. I feel the same way as you do. Like we talked about on FB sister go and go lang dadating right time for everything. :) Tayo na ang maraming blogs! ahahaha. >.< 

    I love your Glamour Bedroom.. gusto ko din ng ganyan saka walk in closet. hahahah. :)) Lahat na. I can't wait for you dress updates. Lookbook mode. Kinakarir na e. :)

  4. You should follow your dreams. Maybe you can finish your course first then do the thing that you really want to do.

  5. can't wait to see your next post with those dresses! hehehehe :D
    and the new bloggie too.. :)

    P.S. dami mo nang blogs ah. hahahaha :D

  6. wish ko lng e sna mlaman n tlga natin ung totoong hapiness natin at ung tlgang dream na gstong gsto nting mtupad ay mkakamtan din natin in the future, hindi man ngayon bka after 5 or 10 years. Don't lose hope! Always ask lng for guidance kay Father pra i-lead nya tyo sa right way. :)


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