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Hey, I am busy!

The reason behind my M.I.A. these days is the hellish student life that I have. For the coming week, I will be indulging myself in numerous killer quizzes and exams. Okay, let's check my bucket list of chores.

  • Monday - none so far but I certainly need to cram on this day for the quizzes and exams.

  • Tuesday - Strategic Management 9 chapter exam

  • Wednesday - Taxation 4 chapter quiz

  • Thursday - Advanced Accounting 4 chapter quiz

  • Friday - Taxation 4 chapter quiz (different chapters from the previous one)

  • Saturday - Taxation 12 chapter exam

Congratulations to me for having a very challenging college life. To those planning to get accountancy, prepare yourselves for the unexpected.

Anyway, I was able to chitchat for a while with a very known kababayan from Tawi-Tawi (Kathleen Alih) yesterday. It was like a flash, as she pointed it out to be. We had lunch at Mang Inasal. After that, off I went to school for my quiz. You can tell how haggardly ugly I am that day in the photo below.

kathleen alih | lilpink | kai darul | halongkulay

Here's a photo of us with a very beautiful painting at Iligan Gaisano Mall. There is an exhibit of photographs and paintings in the mall that is ready to feed your hunger for art. ;)

Please please please include me in your prayers (pray that I get good results on the exams and quizzes). I am a very good girl, y'know. Studies should come first. :D


  1. sometimes i really wanna be sooo soooo busy :(
    btw, that's a really beautiful painting you had a photo with. :)

  2. Goodluck sis! My midterm exams are coming up as well, which I think will be next week! And I'm not prepared! And I've got tons of things to do as well!

  3. wow.. ikaw na busy! hehehehe :D ako rin.. kaso lng am trying to balance everything just for blogging.. at ako na ang addict. wahahahahaha :)) anyway, love your outfit there sis! :D

  4. Beautiful painting, and the outfit is really cute. ;)

  5. Good luck sis. I hope you pass all of them!

  6. goodluck!! i'm having the same  challenge here sis. :(( huhu

  7. I guess we're all crammed up and busy. Kaya mo yan. Malapit mo ng matapos yan. :D Susunod nyan pa travel travel ka na lang. :D

  8. I guess we're all crammed up and busy. Kaya mo yan. Malapit mo ng matapos yan. :D Susunod nyan pa travel travel ka na lang. :D

  9. Hell no, you don't look haggard in that photo sis :).. Goodluck to your busy student life..

  10. you can do it sis.. kami nga din this week eh.. we already having our final exams.. grrrr


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