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Have a Break - Have an iPhone

That's it! I can't stand not having to blog in a week. And hey, I am back. :)

Anyway, I have been constantly blabbing about wanting an iPhone this passed days. Yes. I want an iPhone. It does not matter even if it is just an iPhone 4 and not the 4s. I just want to have one.

The reasons why I want an iPhone? I can list them endlessly but I'll have some up. Here are some:

  • Instagram and other iPhone photo apps - these are the foremost reason why I want the gadget. With all the apps for photo enthusiasts that iPhone has, who does not want it?

  • User-friendly interface

  • Sleek, chic and fashionable - you can even design your own iPhone to your liking.

I know. Those were selfish and materialistic reasons of wanting something that I really do not need. But hey! We all have our own wants and desires. This is one of mine.

I really really wish that I can save up to get one. I don't wanna ask money from my mom to buy me expensive things such as this one. That's not part of her being mother to me. What she is obliged to give me are those basic needs. :) Please, help me pray that I may be able to save up.

Btw, if you are on instagram, add/follow my inactive account - kcaiyah. I will be active as soon as I get an iPhone. LOL! :D


  1. suppperrr.. pati ako.. gusto ko na ring mag ka iphone T________________T
    naiinggit ako sa mga instagram2x na yan T____________T

  2. ako din!!! one day sis.. magkakaroon din tayo ng iphone! hehe

  3. love the fat that u r not dependent on ur mom for this. That tells me that ur iphone days are sooner than you think

  4. Mine is iphone 4 then ung sa friend ko 4S. Kinompare ko nun kasi pag nagustuhan ko ang 4S mag uupgrade ako. Pero wala rin maxadong pinagkakaiba ang 4 at 4S at may pagka useless din si siri. Useful lang xa if nasa bansa ka kung saan naka program xa, isa pa iba iba rin intindi nya sa mga cnasabi kaya pag inutusan mo magtype e eedit mo din. Pero kung sakali gusto mo ng kausap na pwede mo sabihin lahat eh pwede.haha once sinabihan ko xa, "You are so stupid" sagot nya "I'm just trying to help you" or "I respect you".hehe paulit ulit lang yan.. basta hindi ko din maxado naappreciate ang 4S kaya its not worth it kung my 4 ka na. Just my 2 cents :)
    And oh, may instagram din pala ako, I'm not active though.


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