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My Top 5 LookBookers

I am one of the people who look forward to seeing new looks every minute at Today, when I checked, I only need one fan more till I hit 100 fans. That's already a success on my side. Yeah, I have the craziest and shallowest happiness. If you are not a fan yet, please fan me here:

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This is an old look I found in my hard drive. You'll know because the watermark is my old blog (the one before this).

Moving on, here are my top 5 lookbookers for 2011. They have influenced my style a lot. This year, I want to thank each one of them for being my top influencers.

5 - Sue Anna Joe 29, from Kuala Lumpur

I love her because she has this rugged style but eventually the classy touch never fades out. I also love how she wears her hijab. I love vintage pieces and her looks just bring out the vintage love in me. And you'll never tell that she is already a mom from looking at the way she brings herself. <3

4 - Camille Co 23, from Manila

This fashion designer slash style blogger started her blog just this year to be able to share and journalize her daily looks. I found out about her July this year. She has a love for plain clothes which I also love the most. I love to wear plain clothings because they are simple and elegant. She is the current Mango It Girl and a nominee for Best Fashion Blog in the Nuffnang Blog Awards.

3 - Shea Rasol 23, from Kuala Lumpur

She loves to mix and match. She wears hijab. She has cute anime eyes. She is a darling of Kuala Lumpur street fashion. Looking at her will not tell you that she is already 20+. She has been featured on many of the Malaysian magazines and television programs already. Super cool!

2 - Nancy Zhang from Berlin

The foremost reason why I love her, other than her looks, is the illustrations in each look she posted. All the illustrations are the exact copy of her look. She is a part of China Elle and Vogue. Cool? I say superb. I love how she puts effort to the looks she post on lookbook. Thus, it is a reason to love her more.

1 - Hana Tajima 24, from United Kingdom

The top spot is dominated by none other than Hana Tajima-Simpson. She is the mother of Islamic fashion line, She is a fashion designer slash blogger slash vlogger from United Kingdom. She owns the beautiful hijab style that is famous around the globe already. She has been one of the influencers for most Muslimahs especially those who does not wear hijab just yet. She is half-Japanese and half-English. She is super ozm. I just love her and her looks. Okay. Fangirling stopped already. :D

So, those were my super duper ozm lookbookers. How about you? who are your favorite lookbookers? Comment it! I will love to check them out. And oh, don't forget to fan me, hype my looks, and send some love! :)


  1. Weeee. Ganda nga din ng mya style nila. I like Camill Co too. I love your look. Hyped!

  2. I'm already a fan of yours sis. ;)
    and Nancy is also in my top 5! she's just too amazing, and she expresses her artistic and creativity in her looks and illustrations! :)

  3. I forever like Camille Co!! weeee. :D
    But all of them has great style! as in! 
    ang dadaming magagaling na lookbookers.. means ang dami nang fashionistas sa world! :D

  4. hmm i've been hearing alot about camille co.. i am very much interested with your #2 pick.. love how she combines her illustrations and her style.. very creative..

  5. Same with @cLarcy:disqus Si #2 interesting. Creative!

  6. I def. need to get some nice ideas from lookbook. I'll join it one day hehe Nice onces though

  7. naku! ako din naiinspire ng mga lookbookers sobra dami e! I hope someday maging fave din ako ng ibang bloggers :)) Ganda ng skirt sis pang high fashion. DI ko akalain old look na. :P Grabe buti ka pa mag 100 fans na.. :"< huhuhu.

  8. Really Nice Looks :D I love 
    Sue Anna Joe, Aya &  Camille Co 's style


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